Anti-EU party lunacy

A short letter in today’s Sunday Telegraph wonders why Kilroy gave his party (of which we haven’t heard much since it was founded; wonder why?) a Latin name, Veritas (meaning Truth in English or Pravda in Russian):

It is odd that he has called his party Veritas, which means “truth” in Latin, the language of intellectuals in Europe during the Middle Ages. Odder still that his party intends to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

Is the English language not enough to provide his party with a name? Or does he intend us all to communicate in one of the languages used on the Continent of Europe?

Perhaps his intention is to destroy the EU rather than merely take the UK out of it.

Meanwhile, the prospective UK Independence Party candidate for Colne reveals an innovative policy for tracking asylum seekers. Because of EU rules, cattle can be tracked from birth to the dining table; the Government can’t, on the other hand, track asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. So what do the UKIP plan to do? Assign each asylum seeker a cow.

Only trouble is, once they pull us out of the EU, the regulations on the tracking of cows (which are for human health reasons, to make sure we aren’t fed beef products full of prion-rich offal) will no longer be part of UK law. How will they do their tracking then? Actually, when I read this I thought it was a joke, and I wonder if the Telegraph’s editors did too. With policies like this, perhaps the Monster Raving Loony Party will agree to a merger.

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