Saudi publishers work for BNP!

An investigation by the Sunday Telegraph (free registration may be required) reveals that the notoriously anti-Islamic British National Party (commonly called British Nazi Party, or as Amir Brooks memorably called them, Bigots with No Policies) has been using a Saudi-owned media company to publish their monthly newspaper, Voice of Freedom. The paper, which as the Telegraph points out, regularly calls Islam a “dangerous” religion, “is published at a printing works in Essex owned by a company in Saudi Arabia and staffed almost entirely by Muslims”.

A BNP spokesman came up with this excuse for employing the services of their Muslim enemies to produce their literature:

If you would like to go and get a wholly owned British firm that would print our newspaper, fair enough. Islam is not compatible with Western Christian values in Britain but it is not their printing works that are dangerous to our way of life, it is the other things they do.

Which leaves us wondering what pathetic excuse these Saudis have for making money out of this junk. As sidi Faraz Rabbani put it:

I guess there is “no explicit proof in the Qur’an and Sunna” that it is wrong to publish BNP and anti-Muslim materials….

I first got hold of this story via Nzingha’s blog; she’s written a letter to the Arab News and Saudi Gazette, the former of which is owned by the same company:

It came as much of a shock for me to learn that the British National Party that produces a monthly publication entitled The Voice of Freedom was published by a Muslim owned publishing company in London. According to a report published in the Telegraph their publication is published by Satellite Graphics Ltd of Essex. A simple web search shows the owners of Satellite Graphics Ltd as Saudi Research and Marketing Group. This company I’m sure is a familiar name, since it owns the Saudi Research and Publishing Company, the same company that owns Arab News. The chairman is Prince Faisal Bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

This is pretty shocking stuff, although the nature of large companies means that the people at the top of an organisation don’t always know what’s going on at the bottom. That really gives no excuse to the Muslim workers who actually oversee the printing of this filth - maybe this will shame them into going on strike, insha Allah. Read the whole thing, a letter to Arab news, at its author’s blog, Nzingha’s Soapbox.

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