Some news you may have missed

A few months back you may have heard of that man from Venezuela with an unusual Muslim name who was arrested in the UK after getting off a plane from Caracas with a hand grenade in his luggage.

Well, the grenade was a dud. And Hazil Rahaman-Alan wasn’t a terrorist, but a lone eccentric.

From today’s Guardian (emphasis mine):

He told police he planned to find an open public space where he would demonstrate that he had a grenade, hoping to attract the attention of the authorities and the media. The grenade, he said, would be “his microphone to the world”. Once he had people’s attention he wanted to explode the grenade and kill himself. … Nicholas Dean QC, prosecuting, said Rahaman-Alan had travelled extensively to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Sudan, but said there was no evidence of sympathy with any terrorist cause.

The same report also mentions his “history of depression”.

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