Some old news about ‘Shaikh’ Faisal

Jihad Watch has just posted a story from the AKI website (based in Italy), about Abdullah Faisal, the Jamaican ultra-Wahhabi preacher currently serving time in the UK for incitement to murder, urging the poorer among his followers to “[not] cry about it, but wage jihad, also by holding up banks”.

Uhuh? Faisal was jailed for 9 years, in 2003. You do not get early release this early, unless you are serving a short sentence. He could not have got this out of jail. The only explanation is that this report is old news.

I’m not sure what AKI’s agenda is; they got this report from Evan Kohlmann’s Global Terror Alert, which also has a WMV clip (insha Allah I’ll see about watching it tomorrow - I don’t think the Mac can use WMV’s). It’s also on the same author’s Counterterrorism Blog. But why are these people so far behind the times? His jailing two years ago was big news, and British jails can be pretty tough about what contact they allow between prisoners and outsiders, including their own children. The notion that an instruction to rob banks could be recorded and distributed is laughable. This must have been recorded before he was jailed.

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