The Devil’s Deception of ‘Shaikh’ Abdullah Faisal

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

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I became aware of Shaikh Faisal over several months in 2000 and 2001, through hearing his tapes played in certain Islamic bookstores and meeting certain people who admired him and his lectures. Until last year, when he was tried for incitement to murder persons unknown and jailed for nine years (he may well serve less than that, and will probably be deported after the end of his sentence), he was little known outside the Muslim community, and many people within our community were unaware of Faisal’s simplistic, extremist and heretical views (I saw him referred to on a South African Deobandi site as “Maulana Faisal of Jamaica”!). I have acquired and listened to several of Faisal’s tapes: The Devil’s Deception of the Saudi Salafis, Imam Abu Hanifa, The Peak of the Matter, The Devil’s Deception of the Bareilawis, Cancers in the Body of the Ummah and (wait for it), The Devil’s Deception of the 21st Century House Niggers. It is clear from all of these tapes (except the second of them, which contains little which is controversial) that Faisal is an extremely dangerous character, whose inflammatory speeches are at the extreme end of the Wahhabi spectrum, and could cause a lot of damage.

It appears that the public (and the authorities) first came to know about Faisal when Abdul-Haqq Baker, one of the leaders of the Ibnu Taymiyya mosque in Gresham Road, Brixton [1], was interviewed by the BBC following the arrest of the “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid, who had been among the congregation there, though he was lured away towards the extremist crowd. Since then the Times has publicly exposed him as “Britain’s Shaikh of Race Hate”, concentrating (as one would expect from a paper owned by Rupert Murdoch [2]) on Faisal’s anti-Jewish sentiments. The Times correctly stated that Faisal makes anti-Jewish jokes during his speeches (as he did on “Jewish Traits in the Ummah”), and that he endeared himself to the crowd by using streetwise language like “brain-dead” and “dodgy”.

So the Jews have the Times to take care of their interests; my intention is to warn the Muslims of the danger posed by Faisal’s idiotic rhetoric. It occurred to me that I should not have this published, lest he be deported to Jamaica and face some sort of evil there. However, ignorant leaders like Faisal have the potential to encourage groups of Muslims to act irresponsibly, and when this happens, the results are state crackdowns and communal riots, as we witnessed in Gujarat a few months ago.

Faisal’s errors fall into a number of categories. He quotes weak opinion as fact; he is insolent to major ulama, including Imam Shafi’i; he has errant opinions on what removes one from the fold of Islam - indeed, he appears to be obsessed with kufr and apostasy; and he has little restraint on condemning people. In fact, he also commits the classic Kharijite error of using verses revealed about the unbelievers, and interpreting them as if they referred to the Muslims.

A Wahhabi

The Peak of the Matter, or the first third of it, telescopes most of Faisal’s extremist views into about half an hour. He insists that for someone to say “Ya so-and-so” from a distance is shirk and kufr, as you are attributing to that person the ability to hear them wherever they are. He then says that when by the graveside of the Prophet (sall’ Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), it is permissible to give him (sall’ Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) salaams by saying “ya Rasoolullah”, but as for those who say it is permissible to say this from anywhere else, they “don’t have any evidence for it … even though they have a dodgy evidence; I won’t even bother to make mention of it”. The chief evidence, in fact, is that during our salaat we say “As-Salaamu ‘alaika ayyuha ‘n-Nabee” (Oh Prophet), which is precisely to address the Prophet (sall’ Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) from a distance.

He then goes on to “demonstrate” that anyone neglecting any of the five pillars is a kafir, using a series of defective evidences including a highly improbable debate in which Imam Ahmed allegedly confounded Imam Shafi’i. When his audience suggests that the majority view (about the position in Islam of the person who does not pray) is the strongest view, he says “are you introducing democracy into my study circle?”. He also accuses Imam Shafi’i of “refuting” an ayat of the Qur’an, an accusation he levels elsewhere against an American salafi preacher whom he charges with kufr[3]. On top of this, he states (as fact) the opinion that the father of the Prophet (sall’ Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) is in the Hellfire, on the basis of one Hadeeth from Sahih Muslim; in fact, this is one of three hadeeth in the same collection about the same incident, and contains weaker narrators than the other two, which do not mention the father of the Prophet (sall’ Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam).


In Cancers in the Body of the Ummah, he lists a number of sects, many of which don’t exist anymore, including the Murji’a and (in its original form) the Mu’tazila. However, the last “Cancer” he mentions, before Allah mercifully cuts his tape off, is the Asha’ira! This is the madhhab which included, almost from its inception, all of the Malikis, most of the Shafi’is, and some Hanbalis (including Ibn al-Jawzi) and Hanafis also. So he is grossly impudent to all of the Ulama of the deen going back centuries.

The Inter-Salafi Feud

The Saudi Salafis is of great concern to me as I have even seen it being sold in a Bareilawi mosque, as if it was a critique of Salafism in general. It is, in fact, an attack on “pro-Saudi” Salafis by a supporter of the violent extremist wing of the sect, primarily against their denial of the term “tawheed al-haakimiyya” - that is, that Allah is the only law-giver. While there is valid criticism of the Saudis and their supporters for their compromising of the Shari’a, Sunnis should beware that this is very much a Wahhabi critique, not a Sunni one. He clearly states, for instance, that the alleged practice of the Bareilawis of “making du’a to the inhabitants of the graves” is shirk, which it is, but nobody is advocating this anyway.

In his attacks on the “Saudi salafis”, he falls short of the adab due from a shaikh, or even a Muslim. At one point he accuses an un-named Salafi preacher in the UK of trying to deceive the Muslims by wearing a thawb and sporting a large beard; he then says “do not insult our intelligence; we do not accept you as a believer by the virtue of a beard and a thawb, because Fidel Castro of Cuba has a nice beard! And whenever I see the Pope, he always has a nice thawb!”. He repeatedly casts aspersions on people’s sincerity, alleging that “they [black pro-Saudi salafis] want to live off the deen; they don’t want to live by the deen”, and by his use of the term “house niggers”, meaning slaves who love their master: “revolution is not on his agenda”, “they love kufr, and they love kufr-dom”. He calls the pro-Saudi group the “Yahood of the Ummah”, alleging that “they oppress their wives, the way Jews oppress their wives”, citing the fact that they make niqab (face covering) obligatory for women, and driving unlawful - ignoring the fact that many other scholars agree, including some Deobandis.

Most ridiculously, in his conclusion to The Saudi Salafis, he says: “They are major hypocrites; there is no difference between a Salafi [meaning a Saudi Salafi] and a disciple of Musaylima”, because they “exchange the Shari’a”. This idiotic statement needs no enumeration. Furthermore, he says that any woman married to one of them should disassociate herself from him; merely to look at him, he alleges, should make her feel sick. (One wonders where they will get a group of ulama to pronounce their divorce; then again, Faisal has been known to pronounce divorces for women - and one must ask where his authorisation comes from - without looking into the full facts.)

In House Niggers, he starts by relating the Hadeeth Qudsi concerning Allah’s declaring war on those hostile to a friend of Allah; in Faisal’s rendition, he translates “wali” as “servant”! (It means friend or ally.) He repeatedly calls the black American Salafi preacher he is attacking a kafir, and at one point asks the crowd “what shall we do with this man?” and they reply, “Kill him!”. After this is repeated two or three times, he says, “I think that makes sense”. At the end of this lecture, he plays to the audience a private telephone conversation he had with Salim Morgan, confronting Morgan over his aspersions on Faisal’s sanity.

Faisal on Indian Muslims

Probably the most offensive tape, however, is The Devil’s Deception of the Bareilawis, with its cover showing a man worshipping at someone’s grave. His accusations all seem to be derived from a book by one Ehsan Elahi Zaheer, and it contains statements of gross ignorance, over-simplification, and the usual accusations of kufr and shirk. He repeats accusations that Imam Ahmed Rida was a shi’ite, accusing him of insulting Umm al-Mu’minin A’isha (radhi Allahu ‘anhaa), claiming that members of his family had names which were not commonly used by Sunnis, and accusing him of getting support from the British. He also claims that his shaikh was the brother of the bogus prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, by the name of “Mirza Ghulam Qadir Baig”, and states that “they drank from the same fountain”. In fact, Imam Ahmad Rida’s shaikh was called Mirza Qadir Baig, and was no relation to Ghulam Ahmad at all. He also claims that “They do not have any scholars … no scholar would lower himself to be a Bareilawi”. However, they have huffaz, who have been “slandered” on a number of occasions, Faisal alleges, for sodomising little boys. Well, if this is slander, why does Faisal repeat it? He seems to want to fill his lectures with any dirt he can get on Imam Ahmad Rida and his followers, without investigating the facts.

It is very clear from the tape that Faisal does not believe in what is commonly (and mistakenly) called karaama - that is, out-of-the-ordinary events happening to demonstrate the status of the person around whom they appear. Faisal calls these stories “lies”. Concerning an incident in which the young Ahmed Rida Khan is unable to repeat a verse of the Qur’an after his father, whereupon it turned out that his father had recited it wrong, Faisal accuses the Bareilawis of making Imam Ahmad Rida infallible to a degree greater than the Prophet (sall’ Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) himself.

Later on he mendaciously alleges that they attribute to Shaikh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani the power “to turn a woman into a man”, which seems to refer to a story in which a Christian priest, who could not accept the truth of the Mi’raj, was made to experience life as a farmer’s wife somewhere else in the world, bearing several children, all within the blink of an eye, in order to prove that this was possible for Allah. Allah knows best about the truth of this story, but nobody to my knowledge attributes any of this to the Shaikh; they attribute it to Allah, to Whom all Muslims attribute everything.

Faisal makes takfeer on the Bareilawis on numerous false grounds including their supposed making du’as to the people in the graves. Qadi Iyad relates in his Shifa’ that Imam Malik was asked by the Abbasid caliph, Abu Ja’far, whether he faced the qibla when he supplicated, or the Prophet (sall’ Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam). He replied, “Why would you turn your face from him when he is your means and the means of your father, Adam, on the Day of Rising? I face him and ask him to intercede and Allah will grant his intercession.” (See page 238 of the Madinah Press translation of this book.) Does Faisal dare call Qadi Iyad a kafir? Lest Faisal say, “Imam Malik and the Qadi made ijtihad, and were mistaken”, I say: Why is it an ijtihad error for Imam Malik and Qadi Iyad, but kufr and shirk for a Pakistani Bareilawi? Lest he say it is a weak report, I say: Then why does Qadi Iyad report it at all if there is any hint that it is haram, let alone kufr? Yet Faisal has said that Bareilawis are worse kafirs than the Christians, as the Bareilawi has the Qur’an in front of him and cannot claim ignorance; he has said: “You kill the Bareilawi before you kill the Christian”.

Not all of Faisal’s tapes are as inflammatory or obviously controversial as those mentioned above, and it is possible that some people listen to Faisal’s tapes not realising the nature of the man they are listening to; perhaps they think they will take what is true from Faisal’s work and leave what is bad. However, if one is not a scholar - and if one is, one does not need to listen to Faisal - how does one know what is true, or if falsehood is being slipped in that they did not expect? The ulama warned the common people against approaching Ibn Hazm, who was also noted for his extreme views on certain matters; however, the scholars do make use of his work on occasions, especially as his verdicts on ijma carry particular weight, as his criteria for ijma’ were more exacting than most other imams (Al-Misri, Keller & others, Reliance of the Traveller, Sunna Books, 1994 - section x161). It is clear that Faisal is not a shaikh at all, displaying none of the adab required; that his views are extreme and dangerous, and could lead to innocent blood being spilled. I call on the book retailers who still stock his tapes to stop doing so, and on the scholars to warn people against him, and on the Muslim public to rely for their deen on reliable scholars.

Lastly, if I have made any mistakes in this piece, I would welcome correction (see my email on the previous page). And Allah knows best, and He alone gives success.


[1] Ibnu Taymeeyah Mosque is the well-known Brixton Mosque which is home to a hard-core Salafi community of mainly Carribean and Somali origin.

[2] Rupert Murdoch is a Christian Zionist, who publishes the notorious right-wing rag The Sun as well as the more upmarket Times. One of his leader-writers stated, in response to some attack on “Israel” in 2001, that “we are all Israelis now”, apparently on behalf of the whole British nation! You speak for yourself mate.

[3] To refute something means to prove it wrong, not merely to contradict it.

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  • fatiu Abdus-satar

    ti is clear that u are in support of the grave worshipper it means to worship those in the grave is halam.

  • imran

    asalamo alykum brother,

    It is improper to use qadi iyaad and imam malik (peace be upon them) to promote your individual belief as the text you quote could be taken out of context, a statement taken from a paragraph which would conclude exactly what they were refering to or implying.

    i am not a groupie but a muslim part of the not so narrow indo-paki ahle sunnah wal jama’ah.

    lets all do our self a favour! close off our so called intellect and refer back to the first three generations as commanded by the prophet of Islam pbuh.

    this is not implying abadonment of the work of the imams…

    hope this helps

    wa alykum salaam

  • sanu

    Lock off you jokers. Islam iz not no man made izm “n” schizm.

  • umar ali

    i have several of Shaik Faisals lectures and while i don’t agree with everything he says, I do love to hear him speak. He has so much good information and he has a nack for teaching on a level we all can understand. He might not be perfect but i think after listening to his talks that he cares about the muslims and the ummah. We all ask Allah(swt) to keep us rightly guided and forgive us our mistakes. I would love to have several of the tapes listed above and may Allah guide us all who love and respect Him and his Prophet. AMEEN. jazak AllahuKhair.

  • Asad Habib

    Prophet Mohammad Salalahu Alayhi Wasalaam said something akin to:

    “Adhab are 90% of ones imaan” and also “on the day of judgement the heaviest thing on the scales will be good adhab”.

    It is obvious from this persons slander and abuse of other Muslims how his nature is.

    Some of his comments disgust me. I had his tape but dont think ill be listening to too much of it from now.

    May Allah give him Hidayat - and also protect us from his sayings.

  • umar ali

    As salamu alaikum muslims, Shaikh Faisal is a sincere brother in my opinion. He is a good teacher and most of his words that you guys hate so much come from books he is reading from. Sometimes he says things on his own that i myself disagree with, BUT BUT when he backs it up with Quraan and Sunnah “we hear and obay” ALLAH(SWT) and his Messenger. Shaikh Faisal wants for his brother what he wants for himself. We all have to admit that the so called muslim leaders have delt harshly with the people and they hate sharia. They like to practice parts of sharia and be harsh to the poor but nice to the kufar and this is a shame. Don’t get mad at the shaikh for calling a duck a duck. If these leaders are wrong then we need to admit it. They should practice all parts of the sharia and stop trying to please AMERICA and Isreal. Muslims are brothers to one another so we must act like brothers and sisters. Most people who hate sharia are not against the sharia the way our prophet would practice it but they hate the false SHARIA they have seen practiced by SAUDI and PAKISTAN etc etc… WE need to know who is a khafir and this is the only way the muslims can make sure we as muslims get our rights. These leaders are putting scholars in jail for simply saying what should be said and done according to quraan and sunnah. SOMEONE has to stand up. Our oun prophet said he would cut off the hand of Fatima if she stole something and this means that all of the sharia should be practiced on the rich and the poor.

    We are letting these scholars who work for these gov pass fatwas that hurt the muslims as a whole. We should go back to quraan and sunnah but when we try they make fun of our religion (al-Islam) and call us names. WAHABIS SALIFE so forth and so on. Making fun of us for trying the best way we know how to hold on to this deen, the religion of ALLAH. We are so weak that we let cnn and fox tell us who is a good muslim and who is a bad muslim. I will not sell my religion for a few dollars and you should not either if you do believe in Allah and the last day. Follow Allah and OBEY his messenger Muhammad. Stop fighting each other and running away from the SUNNAH. grow the beard, make the prayers on time, in the masjid if you can hear the adhan or as much as possible. Fast the month or ramadan, make hajj asap, and reject the taghoot. PAY ZAKAT! Stop CIA ISLAM… don’t let the USA force you to change the english translations of quraan to their liking. Avoid democracy and depend on Allah for justice. Allah will make sure we get our rights not Geroge bush and blair. Don’t worship the USA, Isreal and Britian.

    we are the best of mankind but we have to stand up and take our places. We should not have the kufar treating us like kids. Would abu bakr Umar ALI and Uthman let bush and blair tell them when to jump and how high? well why do you jump when they say jump?

    paridise is promised for who? MUSLIMS, MUQMIN or KUFAR AND MUSHRIKIN?

    choose a side.

    DO NOT BACKBITE YOUR BROTHER IN ISLAM. Would any of you like to eat the FLESH of your brother?

  • asalam alaikum brothers and sisters just to let you know that shaikh faisal lectures are availabe at

  • Yaz

    I think Sheikh Faisal is a good speaker mashaAllah, though I admit, he can be a bit harsh and ‘OTT’. However, I am aware that he apologised and took back some of his words after I think Abu Hamza refuted the takfir he declared on many underserving Muslims! Wa Allahu ‘Alam

  • hauwau

    asalamu alaikun, in my own opinion i think we muslims have a lot of problem. if i may ask you that you conderm sheik faisal how many people have taking shahada in your hand from your dawah. more than 200 people have taking shahada in sheik faisal hand if he were not doing real dawah will people take shahada in his hand, also have you forgoten we are not perfect we all have our faults, i ve alot to write but i want to be sure this will be posted before i write more. ma salam

  • Iqbal

    Sheikh Faisal does have some weaknesses, and he has openly admitted he is not a Scholar of Fiqh, but Aqeedah instead, and this where his strenghs are. Yes he can be overwhelming in some of his statements but in all honesty I think he speaks the TRUTH, and this is where most people have a problem with him. I also strongly beleive the only people who do have a problem with him are the ONES who have been exposed by him. Before I started practicing my deen I knew deep down that we had many criminals in the Ummah, Sheikh Faisal alhamdulilah highlighted most of them clearly. May Allah (swt) guide US ALL!!!

  • Abdur Raoof Khan

    AOA iam from India here i want to say that, Sheikh faisal is great orater Masha ALLAH and he has got good Mutala of islam and these backstabbers of Islam i have my blessings with him, his lectures are eye opener

  • nabila rufa’i

    Any person that has really LISTENED to sheikh faisal understands that he is talking straight from his heart and interpreting to the best of his knowledge. How can you think him a bad muslim? He is the no. 1 sheikh in my list. We muslims are not blind people. We do not just take sheikh faisal’s own sayings without checking Qur’an and sunnah. Sure he can be prejudiced at times, but why shouldn’t he be? Look at our palastinian brothers and sisters. Look how America and Israel want to change Islam. Don’t u think that it is time muslims unite and do something about it?

  • ali salih

    assalamualaikum i dont know how anyone could defend such a man he says and i quote if you say eyakanabudu and dont understand it your a kufr. he calls major ulama kufr hes even been corrected by you ready abu hamza this man has caused so much fitna in the umma scholers have even been england to give talks regarding him . asalamualaikum

  • Idris

    Much as I have enjoyed the every posting on this page, I am yet to read anyone’s alternative to the sheik in focus. Personally I have searched the length and breadth of the Ummah and I can hardly point out any. Most of the scholars we have in our days shy away from hitting the nail on the head and would rather seek permission from political authority before making comments.

    And when a man comes around to expose their shaddy teachings, they pick on him rather than examine the allegations he has laid at their doorstep.

    Yes, he may have made mistakes but he has truly exposed the average Muslim to the facts surrounding the highly diplomatic world we live in now. Scholars and muslims who truly have Islam at heart should spend less time debating and criticising but rather we should seek common points in the deen which can take this Ummah forward and break us away from the tyrants that have held a grip on our affairs for far too long.

    I would however caution my brothers from the Asha’ira ideology mentioned earlier. It would be useful to study further about it. A possible discovery could be that a Muslim’s idealogy is too crucial to be based on some sets of beliefs but rather the whole of the Quran and authentic Sunnah should be sought after on this issue.

    We pray for Allah’s assistance in guiding this Ummah to the light we yearn for.




  • umm khattaab

    sheikh fasiel is one of many few shcolors of today who follows quran and sunnah, no body should say bad aganist him. His lectures has brought people in to Islam by allaahs grace. I am one of those who entered islam listen to his lectures i do not find him harsh or offensive, he spreaks stright to the point. PPL hu find him harsh wud never of been able to cope In the time of the rasool(sws). dont slander or back bite him he probely has done more for the ummah than any of us. salam

  • Abu_hassan

    alhumdulillah, allah will preserve sheik faisal and release him from the crusaders.

    he is truthful and he says what is in the quran and sunnah.

    many pple dont want to admit truth to them selves and he is someone who is not afraid of the “blame of the blamers”.

    take notice and give respect to a man, a scholar and leader who is not afraid to “enjoin the good and forbid the evil”.

    allah bring him from the crusaders and bring him among his muslim brethren.

    salam calaykum


    As salamu Alaikum

    All I want to say is SHAIKH FAISAL is my friend. I know him Well.

    And for this I am truly gratefull.

    He knew he would be imprisoned for speaking the truth according to Quran and Sunnah. But he did so any way, I do not think for one second the person slandering him has that level of bravery.

  • asafaah

    salaams.whilst the one who posted this may have issues with the shaikh,i can assure you he doesnt speak for everyone.i have nothing but good to say about the brother.i have bought every single one of his tapes.most of them had a wealth of knowledge and insight that i had not posessed before children alhamdulilah understand their deen more because of him.he rarely gave his own opinion and when he used ‘dodgy’ hadith he made it clear it was dodgy.this deen is not for play.and his tape al wala wal bara is one of the most enlightening i have ever have mercy on the you not wish that Allah will have mercy on you?

  • Salam, Do the writer think of himself as being perfect? Wallahi Sheikh faisal is a very good scholar, one with courage to speak out to the evil that man perpetrate under the heavens. He does not need the approval of the government to speak against the falsehood. I’ve listened to some of his tapes and i’ve seen him on mimbar delivering lectures and also heard him accepting his mistakes and stand to be corrected. He end most of his tapes by seeking forgiveness for himself and for everyone of us( the listener).


  • umar ali

    as salamu aaikum i just read every post and a bro said shaikh faisal called someone a kafir for saying something incorrect in prayer….. ” i have that tape and he did not call anyone a kafir for saying the tashahood incorrectly, he simply gave you the correct way and the hadith to support what he said……… Shaikh Faisal is trying to help wake the muslims and he is telling the TRUTH… also i told you anwar alawiki was next on the list and now they have him locked up in YEMEN….when will we wake up and see that this is a WAR against islam and they have started with our scholars….go to haqunspun and buy his cd’s and tapes and learn the din while we can. we have to get the knowledge now so we will have it….you never know when the kufar will attack again in an attempt to conceal the truth….Ali at timimmi’s tapes and lectures good but very hard to find…. preserve the truth….also get the meccan period by anwar al awiki and abu bakr sideek series lots of good stuff on there. Any time a scholar mentions jihad the kufar go crazy an lock them up… all three have taught on the subject and are now in jail even the blind shaikh is jailed because he talked about jihad in an arabic series of lectures…. don’t you see what is going on……

    they running scared and they are divided….we are like the beni israil telling MUSA to go and fight with his lord while we sit here and watch HOW SICK ARE WE?

    love you all for the sake of Allah(swt) and may he guide each one of us ameen.

  • abdulazeez muhammad

    sheikh faisal is my sheikh and he is been held because he speak the truth.

  • Khaleel Abu Ismail

    If anybody has studied the seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and studied tawheed, they will clearly see that Sheikh Faisal (may Allah (SWT)release him) is a blessing for this ummah and we should all make du’a for his release, his patience, his guidance and that he continues with his uncomprimising message. Amen

  • Khaleel Abu Ismail

    Firstly the brother seems to have a personal issue with the Sheikh and this is easy to tell as he (the writer) does not back up much of what he says with any evidence. Sheikh Faisal (may Allah give him patience) is the only person in the country who is preaching raw uncomprimsing tawheed. This raw uncomprimising tawheed is what the ummah needs. It is also obvious with the current and historical events of the muslim world, that us comprimising in our tawheed will only lead to our destruction. One of the many messages that the Sheikh (may Allah continue to increase his knowledge) tries to deliver is the importance of ‘Al Walaa wal Baraa’, which is an essential condition of our shahaada. It is our Al walaa wal baraa that will liberate the muslim lands from the tawagheet and stop the muslims from being slaughtered in many places around the world. This oppresion clearly bothers the Sheikh (may Allah release him) and it should bother every one of us, but unfortunately it does not. There are many ‘so called muslims’ who could not care when millions of muslims are being killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Somalia, The Arabian Peninsula, Palestine and many other places.

    I have over 110 Sheikh Faisal lectures and I can honestly say that he is doing more for the ummah than all of his enemies. Therefore I challenge the writer of this article just as Sheikh Faisal (may Allah continue to guide him) does: ‘Take one of my tapes and refute me with Qur’an and Sunnah or stop calling me names behind my back like 9 year old girls!’ The Sheikh (may Allah free him) has said he will publicly renounce his faults if they are proven. The writer of this article seems to want to defend grave worship (major shirk negates your Islam) which is obviously kufr, with weak evidence. He also likened it to the Tashahud. I would like to remind the writer that the tashahud is conveyed to Rasullah (SAW) by Jibra’il (AS) which does not imply that Muhammad (SAW) is all hearing.

    The Sheikh (may Allah preserve him) also understands the need of naming the deviants - something which some fools refer to as slander. He only ever quotes Qur’an, Sunnah and classical scholars and is one of very few people in the entire world who give us the favour of quoting the book name, chapter and page number of his references. I further challenge the writer of the article to arrange an open debate with the Sheikh, something that he would be more than happy to do. I have no doubt that he would ‘throw your dodgy aqeedah back in your face like a dirty rag’!

    Nobody from among the brixton ‘fahadis’ nor the shia nor any other deviant has yet to stand up to this challenge. I tell you in the words of the Sheikh: ‘Stop behaving like menstruaing women!’




  • interceptor

    The analogy that Sheikh Faisals tapes are the causes of pogroms such as in Gujarat is totally daft to say the least! Those idol worshippers want to annihilate the Muslims simply out of sheer hatred of Islam. They would commit that sort of murder even if the Muslims sat silent for 100 years. My main point is I learned a great deal from Sheikh Faisal even though I do not agree with some of what he says. I used to follow the bareilwi school of thought and praise be to Almighty Allah that he rescued me from that by using Sheikh Faisal as a means. The author of this article defends grave worshipping and seems to know little of what actually goes on. SOME MUSLIMS of the Indo-Pak sub continent believed that if you go to the shrine of a saint and physically go to the foot of the grave you would put a sheet of cloth over your head and pray to the saint and ask for anything you want or act as an intermediary. This is complete shirk. Bareilwis believe that the Prohet (PBUH) is present in their gatherings hence the need to stand in congregation to perform a salaam to him (PBUH). THATS GOTTA BE SHIRK! As I said, Sheikh Faisal opened my eyes to this aswell as many other things I would not have known if I didnt buy his audio lectures, even though I disagree with some of what he says. I stopped a 17 year habit of smoking by the help of ALmighty Allah by the means of Sheikh Faisals lectures and thats gotta be a plus!

  • onar

    anyone know when sheikh will be released from prison??

    i dont think theyll deport him because hes wife is a british citizen. inshallah many more sheikh faisal lectures to come in the future…

    devils deception of the internet phoneys???? like the guy who wrote this article..

    one love.

  • umar ali

    As salamu alaikum, i emailed a brother that talks to the shaikh on a regular basis. As far as we know he Will be deported early 2007 inshaAllah. I even got into it with a rasta from his homeland about weather or not he should be allowed back home. nadeemsdownloads has some of his lectures if you want to give a listen or you can buy his dvd and cd


  • abu adil

    in yout attempt to show the community of this shiek short comings you only made him look good in what he says, his talk of the saudi salafi fake movment is only true..and his discrption of abu khadija al kathaab an his lil side kicks from birmingham is only true aswell..many muslims are now relizing they are paid members and some go as far as say being agents..and they do have they evidence..but at the same time you have to relize, while robert murDOG and his news international are trying to destroy are helping in that destraction aswell brother..YOU SUPPOST TO AID YOUR BROTHER.if his right or wrong..if his wrong you advice dont boycot show him the errors of his dont take the side of the others againts..

  • This is not the first time such kind of schoolers are being improsed for the purpose of preaching the word of God,just remember how ibn taimiyyah was being molested,my muslim brothers and sisters let pray for the likes of ibn taimiyyah and our beloved sheik,remember “wamakaru wamakrallah wallahu khairul makirina”.

  • mustafa abdur rahman

    asalam alaikum every believer.this brother i truly beleive is preaching cia islam.shaikh faisal has powerful words and he speaks the truth and is not afraid too speak. he’s my brother and i love him dearly. if Allah has put iman in your heart you’ll know that this brother is sincere.we pray Allah continues to guide him as well as all the sincere scholars. i notice this guy who wrote the lecture only wrote it after the shaikh was in jail and couldnt defend makes him look like a coward in my eyes,and stenghthen me too believe more in the shaikh.but we the members of ahlus-sunnah wal jama’at will represent shaikh faisal.

  • Abu Abdillah

    Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

    there is nothing noble about a man calling hundreds if not thousands of muslims kufaar without any deep knowledge in the realm of hukm at-takfeer. It is truly one of the most difficult rulings in islam to apply, that which makes the blood of muslims, their wealth, etc, halaal. This man is not suited for such, he is no scholar, he is a delusioned phony, o how many have come before him divided and confusing more than simply you folks!!!

    Beware for your religion, this man learns from books, he has made his shaykh his books, so his errors clearly outweigh his correctness. May allaah guide him, then hasten his release. There is no comparison between this man and ibn taymiyyah, not even close, further shows the weakness, and lack of knowledge his followers truly have. Wake up o ummah of muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa salam). This man is not your virteous scholar following the path of the salaf, he is a deceive, delussional, lunatic, calling to the mass murder and takfir of muslims, slander, and backbyting of our scholars.

  • Muwahhidah

    Assalamu Alaykum

    I sincerely hope that brother Faisal repents for his mistakes. And I pray that those who listen to his lectures stop.

    There are many people who have much more ‘ilm than him who we can take from. And it is evident from listening to any of his lectures that he does NOT have beneficial knowledge. If he did, he would have the akhlaaq of a taalib al-‘Ilm.

    People who make takfeer on everyone and his brother, without SOUND EVIDENCE, and the knowledge and status to do so, really must FEAR Allah!!! Remember, it will fall back upon you if you are wrong!

    And regarding the issue of shaykh ben Baaz, whom brother Faisal made takfeer, the matter was not about imaan and kufr, rather it was a matter of fiqh!!! Ibn Qudamah is of the opinion, and it is the correct position in the Hanbali Madhab, that it is permissible for the ruler to seek help from the Mushrikeen against Mushrikeen in case of necessity. His Fatwa was about nothing but the Fiqhi ruling. This is why he wasn’t criticised by Shaykh Safar and others on the ruling of seeking aid from the Mushrikeen itself. Rather, he was criticised for his inaccurate view on the status quo of the Middle East and the American agenda behind stationing its troops in the Gulf. Moreover, Shaykh ben Baaz wasn’t the only scholar to have signed the Fatwa, rather it was also the great Deobandi Indian scholar Abul-Hasan al-Nadawi. Hence, the Fatwa wasn’t a big issue in terms of its Fiqhi nature, but it was problematic with respect to its application in reality, which greatly varied from people to people as to how they viewed American hidden agendas, and at what length they thought the Americans would go, and whether inviting the Americans along with their agendas is a greater harm than letting Saddam roll his tanks into Arabia and crushing the Dawah with full force. THIS GOES TO SHOW THAT ABDULLAH FAISAL DOES NOT UNDESTAND THE BASICS OF WHAT INVALIDATES IMAAN! The youth in Britain and elsewhere have falsely taken him as an Islamic authority, when in reality HE ISN’T EVEN A SCHOLAR!

    However, I disagreed with much written in this essay. For example, the use of the word ‘wahabbi’. Allah Ta’ala has stated;

    “…Nor defame nor be sarcastic to each other, nor call each other by (offensive) nicknames: Ill-seeming is a name connoting wickedness, (to be used of one) after he has believed: And those who do not desist are (indeed) doing wrong.” [Soorah Hujuraat:11]

    What is this word wahhabi? It is nothing but a name concocting in order to defame the callers to tawheed. And had they been truthful, they would have called them Muhammadis, as the mujaddid they are referring to his shaykh al-Islaam Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhab (rahimahullaah), so futile and contradictory is this name. But Allah willed that ‘wahhabi’ be a reference to His Name, which means ‘The Bestower’.

    And I recommend that people take from those scholars who are on the middle path today, such as Shaykh Fawzan, Shaykh Rabee’, Shaykh Usaamah Qoosee, Shaykh Yahyaa al-Hajooree etc. These are the scholars today who truly understand the word of ibn Taymiyyah, Ibnul Qayyim, adh-Dhaahaabee, ibn Katheer, and all of the scholars who were on the way of the salaf. Abdullah Faisal has no knowledge of these works, and his works are proof against him.

    So I advise the author of this essay to refrain from using deragatory terms such as ‘wahhabi’, and the like. Let us judge these mujaddideen with an OPEN MIND, and open the truth, rather than baseless hearsat. Anyone who does not know shaykh ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhab should study his biography. A starter can be found here:

    Allahul Musta’aan!!!

  • Majhul

    The path to hell is paved with good intentions. Even a donkey brays from his heart. Faisal is one of those who are responsible for fitna. As for following the Qur’an and Sunnah well even the Khawarij followed the Qur’an and Sunnah, Faisal is of the modern day Khawarij.

  • Old Pickler

    There are some serious Faisal fans here, and none of them can write a decent sentence.

    What Faisal got was a decent sentece.

  • Old Pickler

    I mean sentence. (Serve me right.)

  • Kafir

    Yusuf -

    I will be very interested to see how exactly you are going to respond to this wave of support.

    Do you now GET what the rest of the world thinks of Islam? And why Mr Spencer is spot on???

    Thabet - where are you??? Or are you like the 9 year old girls these guys are talking about?

    Do you see how much of a clean up is required in teh house of Islam???

  • Kafir: this hardly constitutes a wave of support - it’s a trickle of messages over several months. How many - 20 people? It’s insignificant.

  • Abdur-Rahman- Abdur-Rasheed

    there is the need for us to be objective and sincere in our comments. If faisal said things that are wrong we should rather condemn those things instead of condemning him. may ALLAH forgive us all and continue to guide us, amin.

  • Abu Jameelah (from Nigeria)

    As salam alaykum brothers. I would like to advice us all to be sincere and patient in seeking knowledge from the SCHOLARS of the ahlu sunnah. Let’s not let our emotions get the better of us. Remember we would account for all we say.

  • Mohammed Abdul Majid

    As salamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters in Islam. Abdullah faisal is doing the same thing what Muhammed sws and the companians did in Mecca and were prosecuted subhanallah tell me what did sheikh anwar al awlaki did he spoke the truth and hes in prison what did abu hanifa ra did imam malik did ahmed ibn hanbal ra did same thing subhanallah these people are setting an example and are spending years and follwing the sunnah of yousuf (pbuh).listen to abdullah faisal and remmember one thing all mistakes are from him and every good thing he says is from Allah .

  • Salaam Yusuf, Quick question. Do you know where and exactly what the comment was that Faisal made about Imam Shafi’ refuting the aya in Quran that you mention? And do you know where I could find that? JAK

  • As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    It is in The Peak of the Matter, one of his taped lectures. I’m not sure if any bookshops still sell them and I can’t find any MP3.

  • qolzim

    i love Allah for giving us poeple like shiekh faisal in our time ,may Alllah continue to bless him.qollzim from Nigeria

  • Husam

    Assalamu’alaikum. I don’t know who Faisal is as I am not from the UK, and I am not a Wahhabi either, alhamdulillah.

    I agree though that the Muslim leaders in the world today are in the very least committing grave sins (fisq) because they don’t rule by Shari’a. When they do use Shari’a, it is only for family courts and even in the case of Saudi Arabia and Iran they don’t use 100% Shari’a.

    It says in Qur’an that he who does not judge/rule by what Allah has revealed is an unbeliever. It also says that such a person is rebellious and a transgressor. I’m not sure if that means that those leaders are kafir, but surely they are fasiq.

    Nationalism has no place in Islam. We need to bring back the Khilafah and rule from Spain to Indonesia once again. There are no passports or visas in Islam. There are no national boundaries. That’s tribalism (nationalism) and it is condemned in Islam.

    As a side note, why do the Wahhabis dislike it when Muslims follow a Mazhab and tell them to “just follow the Salaf, not the mazhabs”? I don’t understand that, because Imam Abu Hanifah, for example, is one of the Salaf and he was a very educated man. I personally don’t follow a mazhab, but I don’t like the adab of the Wahhabis. They like to judge other Muslims and in some cases even make takfir on them.

    Seeking support from the US during the Gulf War was contrary to the rule set in the Qur’an where Allah (swt) says that we should not take the Jews and Christians as our protectors. Jews and Christians only protect each other. Furthermore, the nonbelievers have a track record of breaking their treaties with the Muslims. This is enough for me to say that Bin Baz was wrong for his fatwa supporting the stationing of American troops on Muslim land.

    Anyway, if it is true that Faisal was calling for the deaths of other Muslims, then that is pathetic. If two Muslims fight each other to the death, both will be in hell.

    Wassalam, Husam

  • Saabir Hlophe

    I like his lectures (Sheikh Faisal). I think he is a benefit or should I say that many Muslims stand to benefit from listening to his lectures. He sounds harsh at times but it all seems Haqq to me. Quran and Sunnah is what he uses to back his lectures…so it begs the question - do you have a problem with hsi style of talking or do you have a problem with Quran and Sunnah? Oh, by the way can the brothers tel me where I can get the tape on CIA islam…

  • Baba Seidu

    Aslaamu Alaikum my beloved muslim brothers and sister. I have for almost a month now been listening to Sheik Faisal;s lectures and i enjoy them a lot. I think this man is one of a serious and good Daa’ee(Caller to islam)and he is doing his best. I pray Allah(SWT) to bless him and bless us with many of his kind.

  • Saleh Hamdan

    Salamu’alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters,


    I have heard about this shaykh, and have realized there is good from him, but unfortunately, I have also heard extreme statements from him as well.

    I am posting this to WARN all Muslims!

    Although I do not know this shaykh well or personally, I have recently heard his lecture “ciaislam” and it contains GRAVE mistakes.

    In this lecture Shaykh Faisal takes Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki’s quotes waaay out of context and misinterprets them! Unfortunately shaykh Faisal goes so far as to accuse him of hypocrisy and alludes to riddah (apostasy).

    I have heard the lecture, and these claims are completely unfounded. Re-emphasize: COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED!

    He unjustifiably accuses Imam Anwar of wrongly teaching to not further investigate the one who says “Allah is everywhere” and go ahead and make takfeer immediately. Shaykh Faisal says this is wrong since that person may mean “Allah is everywhere by knowledge”, which is correct, yet he takes what Imam Anwar says waaay out of context, misinterprets it, and does not even allow the benefit of the doubt or further investigation. His claim is unfounded since if you listen carefully Imam Anwar says that the person who says that should be “unmistaken”, which means that person said the misguidance on purpose. Not to mention Imam Anwar was giving an example off the bat, he did not say that “you should not further investigate” anywhere in what shaykh faisal quoted.

    Also, he says that Imam Anwar made a mistake by not giving examples such as ruling by other than what Allah revealed as kufr. Imam Anwar was merely giving examples off the bat; that does not mean that he has to mention EVERY thing that is kufr, something that even Shaykh Faisal did not do. Imam Anwar has clearly discussed the evil and kufr of ruling with other than what Allah revealed in several of his lectures.

    He further accuses Imam Anwar of murj’ah ideas b/c shakh faisal somehow thinks that imam Anwar said that “we do not judge by any standard, only Allah judges.” Imam Anwar clearly says that Allah judges the hearts, and he was discussing the hearts, he did not say we do not judge actions. Clearly Imam Anwar supports judging by what Allah revealed. Thus, just another example of shaykh Faisal going waaaay too extreme and accusing Imam Anwar, an excellent imam, with unfounded accusations.

    I doubt he even contacted Imam Anwar (b/c he says he never met Imam Anwar personally) before making such gigantic claims against an Imam (Anwar) who has done so much good and has proven countlessly his adherence to the path of the Quran and Sunnah in words and deeds (and Allah knows best)!

    Therefore, I would WARN the Muslims to listen to this imam cautiously or rather not to listen to him at all lest one be fooled into false information and fraud evidence.

    I am shocked by shaykh Faisal’s methodology and, although I give benefit of the doubt, I find it extremely hard to make such GRAVE self-contradicting claims against a well respected and loved imam. la hawla wa la quwata illa billah (there is no might and strength except by Allah’s leave).

    Allahu Al-Must’an (the aid of Allah is sought).

    Here is the website with his lecture “ciaislam” listen to it with caution just to verify my warning:

    Do not listen to his other lectures if you lack knowledge for Allah knows best how numerous and/or grave his mistakes in other lectures are.

    sincerely, Your brother in Islam, Saleh Hamdan

  • Saheed from Nigerai

    i have read thru and my comments are as follows:1, the sheik is a very sincere person, in which his kind is very rare.he speaks the truth while not looking at anybody’s face.he is the scholar that face the kufr that is widespresd.i pray Allah be with him.If we should have more of his kind the world of muslims will definetly know peace.

  • Mujahhid

    May the Almighty Allah continue to bless the great Sheikh Abdullah Faisal. {walao karia’l munaafiquoon}Even if the unelievers detest it.It pukes me that I missed his lectures 2 weeks ago at the Ilorin Township Stadium Complex, Kwara State Nigeria. As far as I’m concerned, he is aa pride to the ummah.

  • abdullah Isa

    a.alykm, brother i saw ur comments and defence of sheikh faisal(hafizahullah).jazakallahu khyran.No ortal is the same time we shouldn’t allow people to use this axiom to cover the truth when we see it.may Allah reward u.pls kindly send me a mail with any site i could download sheikh faisal’s lectures;i’d really be greatful.maassalam

  • abdullah Isa

    ur coin has a second assured our graves await us

  • umar abdullahi[nigeria]

    Salam. Everybody should be fearful of Allah and for that Faisal is a human being who can err in his approach.May Allah forgive us our sins.

  • Both_Imam_Anwar and Sheikh_ Faisal_Speak The Truth

    Assalaamu alaikum, May Allah reward both Imam Anwar and Sheikh Faisal for speaking the truth in trying to wake up the ummah. Humans make mistakes. May Allah forgive them and us. Ameen. My family and I have learned so much from both of them. I think their stance are similiar, but the way they deliver their lectures are different. Sheikh Faisal is very direct and straight to the point. Imam Anwar goes more in depth about seerah and doesn’t make takfir on any particular groups. Perhaps he’s trying to reach a wider audience by not offending them in order to try to wake them up to the truth. I used to think Sheikh Faisal was harsh. Alhamdulillah, after learning and understanding al walaa wal baraa, I don’t think he’s harsh anymore. It seems that the majority of the imams and scholars are not teaching this aspect of the deen. If they do teach it, it seems “watered down”. It was Sheikh Faisal who helped us to understand the truth about the UN, NATO, IMF, The World Bank, NWO, etc. I learned a lot about politics from his lectures. If one likes Imam Anwar, he should also listen to Sheikh Faisal and vice versa. To Brother Saleh Hamdan: the website that you posted for us to listen to CIA-Islam was very old…Feb of 2001. Perhaps what was said about Imam Anwar may not be relevant today. May Allah guide us to the truth and give us imaan to implement our knowledge. Ameen

  • Anonymous

    To brother Saleh Hamdan… I found this comment concerning the issue between Shaykh Faisal and Shaykh Anwar on a forum:

    Originally Posted by Abu Ninja

    Someone requested for me to upload the talk ‘CIA Islam’

    brothers and sisters, please accept a sincere request from a fellow muslim brother who wishes to clear up this issue once and for all insha allah

    shaikh faisal and shaikh anwar both spoke at our conference earlier this year

    on the evening before the program, we were testing the phone connection with shaikh anwar and one of the brothers asked shaikh faisal (who was assisting in setting up) about the lecture “CIA Islam”

    Shaikh Faisal mentioned that the issue between him and Shaikh Anwar was resolved. Shaikh Faisal said that he also had the lecture removed from circulation.

    This I can verify with absolute certainty as I was present when these words were said.

    So brothers and sisters, please refrain from listening to the lecture, forwarding it, posting it or anything of the sort Many, if not most on this forum have benefited from both Shaikh Faisal and Shaikh Anwar and continue to do so

    Rather than continue the age old issue of this lecture, advise others to refrain and refrain yourselves and instead make du’aa that both of them continue to serve the deen as both have been doing and will continue to do so insha Allah

    remember that both experienced life behind bars for nothing except speaking the truth we will disagree on issues no doubt, but dont let it detract us

    may Allah guide us and forgive us

    wassalaamu alaikum



  • Yusuf

    Asalamu Alaykum Everybody I must say whoever spoke ill about Sheikh Faisel they should not think they are wise, they are “otherwise”!! No one can face him with clear proofs because Sheikh Faisel flushes all their “doggy ‘Aqeedah” down the drain!! Anyone who talks ill of the respected Shiekh behind his back needs a “big bang” on their head!! Hope you people all understand!! Oh and remember Shiekh Anwar and Shiekh Faisel are the “Shaykain” of our time.Please don’t speak ill of our two Shiekhs as they are of the few truthful scholars of our time. May Allah protect all the truthful scholars and the Mujaahideen. Ameen. Jazakallah Khair Wasalaam

  • Salaam

    Faisal is a liar and a thief of iman. A few years ago when I was still studying in East London I attended a talk he gave in Kings Cross, he did takfir on 99% of the Muslim world in that talk. At the time I hardly knew anything but I challenged him about his position on tawassul and the man started shaking and shouting at the top of his voice and slandering me who he had never met before. On top of that in his notorious “Devil’s Deception of the Brealwis” tape he is idiotic enough to blindly read out some Indian scholar’s attack on Imam Ahmed Raza Khan as being “dark complexioned” (despite the fact that Imam Ahmed was a Pathan,) on that basis Faisal should be rejected by one and all. He also slandered the ulema of Hijaz College claiming that they buried Hazrat Allama Pir Muhammad Abdul Wahab Siddiqi standing up. The man is a filthy liar and a coward, refusing to answer the calls by the Hijaz College Ulema to debate him on his twisted aqidah on more than one occasion.

    To all the Faisal supporters here, read salat ul istikhara about this man and find out what Allah thinks of this man and whether you should follow him,



  • isa

    To all those who are slandering these two shiekhs fear allah how dare you backbite hime a muslim should be safe from your tounge sheikh faisal studied from ibn jibreen and many more scolars stop wasting you time slandering people and search for ilm we all make mistakes his still our brother and we love him more than any kaffir

  • asif

    interesting comments about the shakyh. i thought islam was about unity?

  • umar


    the argument that we refer to the prophet sallaho alahi wa sallam in out salah is null and void as after the prophets sallaho alahi wa sallam death the shahabah changed the tasahud slighty so that they refered to the prophey sallaho alahi wa sallam in past sence.

    “as-salamu ‘ala nabi wa rahmahtulahi wa barakathu” is what they said after his(SAW) death.

  • No, it’s “ayyuha ‘n-nabee”: oh Prophet. The idea of changing it was raised and dismissed after the Prophet (sall’ Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) died.

  • Asalaamu Alaikum, Just want to say Jazackallahu Khairn for this post!! I came across the book “100 fabricated hadith” and though it was interesting in the beginning, I do not like to take knowledge from people who I do not know. Alhamdullilah I found your blog post (among others) and I agree that all of his tapes/lectures/books should not be listened to. He speaks ill about some of the most knowledgeable and loved sheikhs such as Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen, and says that the so called “forth” category of Tawheed (tawheed hakimiyyah) is NOT an innovation, authu billah.

    I am amazed at how so many people STILL want to listen to him even after they ADMIT he is wrong in a lot of aspects. Brothers and sisters, if he speaks ANY truth, then the same truth has been spoken by those who inshallah speak ONLY the truth! So do not read from those who mix lies and truths, but read only from those who follow the Qur’an and Sunnah, and the Salaf!

  • Abdullahi inuwa

    I have never see such a scholar in my life long life sheikh Faisal Allahuma Ameen…

  • muri ibrahim maigari

    FEAR ALLAH..we muslims agree to u if u prove to us he Quoted the Qur’an and Sunnah wrongly which u haven’t cos we refer back to qur’an and sunnah after his listening to him and there is no error.He teaches the whole Qur’an.Thanks to him I know TAUHEED(correct Aqeedah) and I pray for his blessing So u r the liar and hypocriite or prove to us Using the Qur’an and Sunnah.We r waiting