Yemeni woman’s life spared

The Times reported today that Amina Ali Abduladif, whose impending execution prompted international outrage (and the usual condemnations of Islam and Muslims), has had her life spared - for now:

Amina al-Abduladif’s lawyer was with her in prison when the last-minute reprieve came. Shada Nasir told The Times: “She was shaking and crying. She had said her prayers and her farewells and was sure she was going to die. What we don’t know is whether the execution has been delayed for a day or a week as no one will tell us. “She is still very frightened and confused about what happens now.” Officials in the capital, Sanaa, said that President Saleh was “moved” when he learnt of the plight of Mrs Abduladif, who was convicted of murdering her husband when she was 16 after insisting that her confession was forced from her under torture. The President has asked justice ministers to look again at her case while her lawyers are demanding a new trial.

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