Girl sues over boarding school pregnancy

There’s a report here about a girl who was sent to a special-needs boarding school ended up pregnant after being placed in a room next door to a 16-year-old boy. The report does not say that the girl was raped, although that’s the impression the report gives - the people issuing the writ are the Children’s Legal Centre, which seems to be a children’s rights organisation, and the defendant is the local council which placed her there.

For obvious reasons, we’re not told much about this girl or the circumstances, although it should not be difficult to find out which school this was with a little research (given that so many special-needs boarding schools have closed in the past fifteen years or so). I can’t understand what sort of special needs someone might have that necessitates their being sent hundreds of miles from home, from Hertfordshire to Merseyside. It may well point to the dangers of under-staffing - at my school, there was just one member of care staff on “sleep-in” (although the headmaster and a few other staff lived on site), who was not always the most competent.

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