• Saidie

    Interesting and Informative piece backed up by evidence. Does anyone know what happened to Huda Kaya, the Turkish lady sentenced to death for wearing the hijab? All the reports that I’m getting are pretty outdated. Also, if I remember correctly there was no outcry over her case in the media.


  • Kafir

    Sentencing someone to death for wearing the hijab is outrageous. But no more so than sentencing someone to death for not wearing it, as the Taliban did.

  • Saidie

    Yes, I totally agree. Both cases should be treated equally…..the absolute freedom to wear or not to wear.

  • Ann

    Just to be accurate, Huda Kaya was charged with attending protests in support of hijab, and other charges having to do with supporting human rights issues, etc. - not just for wearing it. But there’s no outcry in the Western media about women being kicked out of university and banned from government jobs for wearing hijab.

    Did the Taliban actually kill women for not wearing the burqa?

  • DrM

    Exactly Ann, the same right wing scum who rage at the excesses of the Taleban support discrimination against practising Muslim woman. Hypocrites to the core.

  • bikhair


    Muslims arent supposed to take these right wing scum as auliyah so we are safe.

  • Just to be accurate, the Taliban never sentenced anyone to death for not wearing hijab, death penalty is only for murder, adultery and blasphemy/apostacy. those who didn’t wear a hijab would probably have been whipped.

  • sarah

    poor my beloved sister Huda Kaya and her innocent daughters. my heart cries for you..May Allah bless you.. May Almighty damn those seculars and God damn secularism and those corrupts.

    All the human rights organizations are dead. I can see how false, hypocrites and liars they all are. they don’t seek freedom and human rights nothing but claims and big empty words..all they seek is corruption..

    Huda sister Huda,

    I love for Allah..I love you as you present us Muslim women…I love you and im proud to have you as sister..my dear sister..

    your Muslim sister,

  • munthasir