Shaikh Ya’qoobi on Mahdi

There has been some confusion recently as to the pronouncements by certain ulama on the coming of the Mahdi; some have even been quoted as saying they expect his coming next year! This provoked a bit of debate on DeenPort recently, not least because the well-known conditions for his appearance (which includes the tyrant Sufiani appearing in Syria and the occupation by Christians of large parts of the Arabian peninsula) have not yet happened. There are many books on the topic which you can find in a good Muslim bookstore.

Shaikh Ya’qoobi of Damascus recently contacted one of the brothers on DeenPort to clarify his own position on this issue:

He recieved an email sometime back, whilst we were in Madina that someone on deenport had stated that he predicted the coming of the Mahdi next year. He wanted to clarify that in no terms did he mention the coming of the mahdi for any specific date/year, however he did mention, there were signs that the following years may lead to the advent of al Imam al Mahdi. He also stated that the Ulama have an optimistic feeling that the following years will bring in an era where Islamic civilisation will flourish. He passes his salaams to all users of this forum.

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