Rushdie: Careful what you wish for!

There was a letter published in the Washington Post last Friday by one Irfan Murtuza attempting to rebut Salman Rushdie’s distasteful call for “reforming” the religion he makes money from insulting (thanks Ginny). The letter makes the point that “the Protestant Reformation represented a loss of the church’s monopoly over religious authority in favor of the untrained laity”, as with the antics of certain reformers who are known of in our time:

Instead of seeking to dismantle the admittedly atrophied traditional Islamic authorities, Mr. Rushdie should appeal for the restoration of the vibrant scholarly debate that characterized the religion since its inception and before it was trampled by the puritanical and oil-funded Wahhabi movement. Only an indigenous treatment can expunge the wave of fanaticism plaguing Islam. Application of alien solutions such as a “reformation” could have calamitous consequences.

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