Petrol panic

Today I was back driving vans, delivering fixtures and fittings for an Asian food company from south London up to town for an exhibition. There’s a shortage of petrol stations on the main road, so I took a detour via Balham where there’s a Shell garage. What’s more, it was at what, for current times, a reasonable 92.9p for petrol and 94.9p for diesel. Americans will be shocked, no doubt, that I call this reasonable, but it’s probably the cheapest in town.

Of course, the place was full to capacity although people weren’t queueing for hundreds of yards up the Balham High Road (wasn’t there last night, so I can’t tell you if this was happening then). But why on earth are some garages in London charging 96.9 or even 99.9p if Shell in Balham can afford to sell it at 92.9 to 94.9p?

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