Wednesday Ramadan

Given the flood of “major” mosques which have declared that Ramadan is tomorrow on the basis of dubious “sightings” in Saudi Arabia, I’ve collated a list of places where people are starting on Wednesday. In the UK, they include Slough and High Wycombe (Bucks), Leeds and Bradford (Yorks) and Peterborough. Birmingham and Manchester are divided; IslamiBlog reports that seven mosques in the area, on the basis of a prior agreement, have decided to start tomorrow, but a commenter there reports that a mosque in Altrincham is starting Wednesday; reports on Deenport suggest that other mosques are starting Wednesday.

IslamOnline reports that fasting in Turkey, Albania, Kosova and Ukraine (countries in Europe with substantial indigenous Muslim populations) is starting on Wednesday, along with Tunisia; Morocco, the Gambia and the community in South Africa are still undeclared. Mas’ud Khan has recommended people to read the information on Moon Watch before starting fasts on Tuesday.

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