Gems from today’s Guardian

The first thing I saw this morning when I read their news website was an account of a meeting between Maya Angelou and the Indian food author Madhur Jaffrey. They talk about their families, the similarities between Indian and southern American food, their respective youths and ancestries (including a bit on how Angelou found out her great-grandmother’s real identity), and what became of the places they grew up.

Also the paper has printed a response from the director of Tate Britain to complaints of “censorship” over its removal of a piece called “God is Great” (picture and discussion at BBC website here), which consists of copies of the Qur’an, the Bible and the Jewish Torah embedded in glass. The director claims that the piece was removed solely for the safety of their visitors and not as an act of censorship, and that a piece by the same artist called “God is Great #2” has been acquired by the Tate. Personally having looked at the pictures (I’ve not seen the piece itself) I’m wondering how it got into the Tate in the first place.

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