Too busy fasting for jihad?

As a fairly good example of the certain hysterical websites run by immature Muslims I’ve alluded to in posts announcing the establishment of Blogistan, I found on the MPACUK website this morning a good example of what software developers call a “regression”: an old bug which was squashed but which reappeared again. In this case, they seemed to have learned that attacking Muslims, calling them useless and lazy etc., isn’t a really effective method of da’wah. In response to a piece in today’s Independent, however, they’ve gone back into hand-wringing and mud-flinging mode. We’re too busy fasting to respond to this latest “attack on Islam”.

The article, entitled Independent Brands The Qur’an A ‘Hate Book’ - 2000 Mosque Leaders Too Busy Fasting To Stop It! is inaccurate from the start. When a newspaper says something, it means it appears in the editorial or “leader” column, explicitly as a comment from the editor or the owner or in a press release. In this case, the comments came from a well-known secular feminist, Joan Smith, of whom not much more is expected. Secular feminists have generally always been suspicious of religion, and particularly Islam.

I’ve not read the article as it’s under the paper’s “portfolio” scheme in which you have to pay more for one day’s access to one article than you do for the whole paper (I intend to visit Kingston library later today, insha Allah, to actually read yesterday’s edition if they have it). But it looks like same old, same old.

What’s most offensive about MPACUK’s piece is the general attack on Muslim leaders “too busy fasting” to write a letter to the Independent. The obvious reason why they don’t have the latest waffling from Joan Smith on their minds is because there has actually been a disaster, an earthquake which has claimed tens of thousands of lives, mostly lives of Muslims, as it happens. (And just days after the disaster, MPACUK found a way to blame the same mosque leaders for the low level of aid the British government has given to the affected region.) Perhaps some people will find time to write a response to an article in the weakest of Britain’s four “quality” papers whose comment pages are not even open to ready viewing; perhaps Asghar and the gang might take some time out from attacking Muslims to do this themselves.

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