“Honour” Killings

Why oh why oh why?

Both The Times and the BBC have recently reported on another “honour” killing in the British Muslim community. A disgusting remnant of Indo-Pak life that has sadly been brought over to the “west”. The alleged perpetrators in this case are Bangladeshi Muslims.

Non Muslims and non Indo-Pak Muslims fail to grasp the stranglehold such a dim-witted and senseless “back-homelandia” (a phrase coined by Sunni Sister) attitude has on first, and some second, generation, Muslims in the “west”.

The father, its usually the elder of the household but never limited to him, perceive a huge pressure from their egos to right the “wrong” that has been brought upon their family, more often than not, by a member of their immediate family.

Further pressure is heaped on by their Indo-Pak family, friends and neighbours. A small minority of these crazy fools play a hand in perpetuating this dim-witted and senseless attitude. The dirty looks in the street and the back biting in the community. Some even have a morbid love to turn up at the house for the sole purpose of constantly bringing up the “transgression” and asking what action they will taking. Worse of all are the idiots who offer their “expert” services.

All this coupled with living with such a shocking attitude all their life, (knowing of no other way to resolve such an issue), and in some instances been witnesses to some of the “retribution” meted out “back home” is enough to turn a seemingly sane person, (this isn’t limited to the male of the species) into a cold murderer or become a party to the killing(s).

Note:To explain isn’t to justify or condone. Note 2:The analysis above is from my own take on things that I have seen or heard but not related to the case in question.

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