PhobeWatch on the WPI

Islamophobia Watch have a feature on how Maryam Namazie’s friends in the Worker-Communist Party of Iran were thrown out of a CND conference last weekend for causing a disruption:

Jeremy Corbyn, who was chairing the session, took four or five questions from WPI supporters. He answered one himself, explaining that whatever their views on the present government all Iranians would agree that they didn’t want their country bombed by the USA. The problems began when other contributors took a different line from the WPI, who shouted them down along with the ambassador’s replies and refused to allow the meeting to continue. They were then ejected from the room. As they were bundled out, one was heard to shout “Bomb the fascists!”

Phobewatch also notes that they distributed a poster containing pictures of the Mashhad hanging, the victims of which were said to be two “boys” whose crime was consensual sodomy. In fact, this claim is disputed, with Human Rights Watch and others not convinced that the crime was not in fact rape. Pedro Carmona points out that homosexual rape is not generally equated with homosexuality in Iran - even in this country, a substantial percentage of perpetrators and victims are heterosexual, hence the slang “bully ramming”.

They also note that Homa Arjomand, of the same communist sect, gained the praises of Alyssa Lappen in Front Page Magazine, and Lappen also appears not to have bothered to dig up Arjomand’s political connections, surprising given the site’s vitriolic anti-communist and general anti-leftist stance, which is written all over it, including its front page.

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