How great Apple Stores are

For the year and a half I’ve been a Mac owner, my Mac’s monitor has had niggling monitor problems - bits of colour in places they shouldn’t be. This usually means a “halo” effect, with the red, green and blue in the wrong proportion in parts of the screen, varying from day to day between three areas. So today, I put my eMac in the car and took it round the M25 to Bluewater, where there’s an Apple Store with its “Genius Bar”.

The store sent someone out with me to carry it from the car park to the shop, and they put the computer in the back room for the 90 minutes or so between them and my session. When my session came, the problem was pretty easily identified as the TV set next to the computer which, having an unshielded speaker on its right side, was issuing a magnetic field which interfered with the monitor, causing the weird colour blotches. So, the only solution was to move the TV. That job done, they had their staff take the computer back to the car.

Now, what other computer company does that for their customers? Admittedly they didn’t have to actually put in or change anything, but I was really impressed with the service even though I didn’t spend one penny in the store today.

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