Black Iris on “Takfiri culture”

A Jordanian-based blog called The Black Iris of Jordan has published a lengthy article called Confronting the Takfiri Culture, explaining exactly what this term means to Muslims and why it is such a heinous label to apply to any Muslim:

The Takfiris have deep roots in Islamic fundementalism or extremism but out rank the worst of the worst, including yes, the wahhabis in Saudi Arabia. What they seek to establish is far worse than anything even the Taliban could have dreamt of. Coming from the word takfeer which means to “excommunicate” or to be more literal: to declare one as an infidel or a non-muslim.

While the Quran preaches a level of co-existance with Christians and Jews (people of the book) and strictly forbids the forcing of the Islamic religion on anyone, the Takfiris seek the death of all these people and forcing of religion on all.

What is worse is that they also seek the death of any Muslim who does not believe in their own brand of twisted Islam. Hence they have no hesitation in calling fellow Muslims “apostates” in other words accusing them of “takfeer” and labeling them as “kafers” or infidels.

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