Press Complaints ruling for Dar al-Taqwa

Something I just got through the New Muslims’ Project mailing list …

Al-Hamdu lillah, the British Press Complaints Commission has ruled in favour of the Islamic bookshop Dar al-Taqwa against the London Evening Standard newspaper, which printed a feature on the shop which quoted selectively from a pamphlet on jihad sold in the shop as well as giving the impression that the shop sold books and a DVD they in fact had never sold. They also printed a picture of the shop front in which DT’s phone and fax number were prominently displayed, which no doubt caused the shop staff a lot of distress.

In the wake of the article, the paper agreed to print an article by Ahmad Thomson of the same length and position in the paper as the original; however, having received a draft, they refused to print it. You can find the piece at Muslim Lawyers insha Allah here.

Ruling of the Press Complaints Commission

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