“Orthodoxy” on evolution

Guardian Unlimited: The question

Tim Radford presents the “orthodox” view on why there really is no doubt about how we came to be here - namely that primitive life forms became vertebrates which became mammals which became apes which became human beings. This is accepted as fact by mainstream western intellectual opinion and now a US court has insisted that this dogma be taught in state schools to kids. (What is particularly objectionable about this ruling is that the children are likely to be given two contradictory stories by their parents and their teachers - effectively two parties claiming that the other is lying - and they will have to make up their own minds about this themselves. What an awful thing to do to children.)

Is it not ironic that secularists deduce that Darwinian evolution is fact for reasons they have been known to deride us for using to prove the existence of God? In this case, the reasons are that all life is based on DNA, and species, like families, appear to be related, and therefore they are? When this sort of reasoning is used to demonstrate that there is a God (something appears to be designed, therefore there must be a Designer), they claim this is invalid reasoning.

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