“Idiot village tribal goon law” still holds sway (updated)

… thanks to MPAC UK, that is. We all remember how bitterly the brothers at MPACUK complained when a mosque committee member tried to stop them campaigning against Mike Gapes (a pro-Israeli Labour MP) outside a mosque in Ilford last year. They called it “idiot village tribal goon law” (they also used the phrase “goon law” in respect to their treatment by the Gujaratis in Blackburn). Now, one of their tribal goons proclaims in great big bold letters that I need my throat cut. Rest assured that the police will be informed about this, insha Allah. And here is a static copy of that particular MPACUK forum thread (the offending post is this one by “Senior Activist” Abdulmojid).

Update 23:11pm: It appears that the MPAC UK people have indeed deleted the offending item from their forum. It may well be the case that Abdulmojid is not a “member” of MPAC, if indeed it is a membership-based organisation, but if he isn’t, how did be become a “senior activist”?

Update 00:17, 3rd Jan 2006: Simply by posting the right number of contributions, that’s how. Perhaps they should think of other ways of indicating a long forum presence that doesn’t also indicate a senior position in MPACUK itself. Easy mistake to make when looking at an organisation’s web forum.

As for the comments I’ve made on Engage and Harry’s Place, HP in particular came to the conclusion long ago that MPACUK were/are paranoid and racist, and I certainly don’t agree that MPACUK are racist, but as someone who has occasionally been involved in debate with that site on such issues as the al-Qaradawi episode last year, I put up the best defence I could, which is that they are somewhat juvenile, but not malicious or racist. Their malice is reserved for other Muslims; it only comes to the attention of Jewish groups when they see what they regard as the sort of anti-Semitism they are familiar with on the MPACUK website. An event involving MPACUK was being discussed at both those sites, on both of which Muslims were able to participate to put our side of the story. As for the election, since when is that a secret?

As for the specific claims, they mostly consist of “Zionists wished him well, therefore he must be well dodgy”. David T (of Harry’s Place) and I have had some correspondence and some online debates in the past and much of it was on opposite sides of the issues concerned, but perhaps he regarded me as someone able to express myself without resorting to too much hyperbole and was less susceptible to the conspiracy theories which are popular nowadays. As for the two individuals named “Jabotinsky” and “Aaron” who today posted their well-wishings on a blog the accuser does not link, I do not know who they are and can only answer that if they saw what else I have written on this site about Israel and about the activities of Zionist activists in the west, they would not be so quick to “support” me.

The facts are these: an awful lot of Zionists are mendacious and malicious, and much of the time I have spent working on this site has been aimed at defending Muslims from the nonsense they write. MPACUK, in my opinion, are not. They have a few good ideas, and a big-time attitude problem. That’s the best I can say about them right now.

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