Saudis offer funds to repair Delhi Jami’a mosque

An interesting story I found on the BBC’s website: the king of Saudi Arabia offering to do much-needed repairs to the Jama Mosque in Delhi. The imam has advised the Saudis to approach the government, and the king’s desire to “fund education in India” is likely to attract the attention of the security services - and, I would imagine, a large section of the Indian Islamic scholarly community.

BBC NEWS - Saudi offer to fix Delhi mosque

I wonder what the Saudis would think of this bit of what the imam says needs doing to the mosque:

Imam [Ahmed] Bukhari said the minarets of the 17th century mosque needed to be repaired.

“We also need to polish the tombs and repair other parts of the structure.”

(Incidentally, Jama Mosque, however it’s spelt, does not mean “Grand Mosque”, but rather congregational or Friday mosque.)

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