George Galloway takes some more time out

If anyone out there still has time for George Galloway, he’s just taken more time out of representing the East Londoners who voted for him last May by entering the Big Brother house, along with other “celebrities” such as the has-been Michael Barrymore, Faria Alam (famous for having an affair with Sven-Goran Eriksson), Maggot (a rapper with the South Wales rap group Goldie Lookin’ Chain), Traci Bingham (ex Baywatch) and “1980s pop star Pete Burns” (who?). The show is to last three weeks, although if he stays the course, it is unlikely to make much difference to his Parliamentary attendance record; according to, he has attended just 15% of Parliamentary votes (the 11th worst out of 645 members) and spoken in just four debates since the 2005 General Election. (More: Rolled Up Trousers.)

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