Another retort to Anthony Browne’s pamphlet

The Sharpener: Quaking under the jackboot of political correctness. Or not

Recently a hawkish hack writer in the Times and Spectator, among other places, published a pamphlet through Civitas, entitled The Retreat of Reason* ([1], [2]), in which he argues that “truth” comes in two forms - the factually correct and the politically correct, which may be entirely different. So the “politically-correct” truth is that the rise in AIDS is because teenagers have too much unsafe sex, whilst the “factual” truth is that it is because of African immigration. The whole thing strikes me as a one-sided reply to a one-sided view: it’s not teenagers who are at fault, but African immigrants; it’s not skinheads who are behind the rise in anti-semitic attacks, but Muslim youths; the idea that the truth is actually a mixture of both doesn’t seem to occur - if not to Anthony Browne himself than to whoever wrote this press release (and to Melanie Phillips, who parrots it.) The complete text is available in PDF format here, hat tip: The Bewilderness.

More: Talk Politics, Robert Sharp.

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