Al-Aqsa Demo in London on Sunday

Rather late in the day I know, but I found this on MPACUK’s website and I’m not sure if I will be in attendance, but perhaps there are people in and around London who read this blog but not theirs. So, here’s a summary of the announcement.

The Friends of al-Aqsa are holding a demo in London on Sunday 15th January 2006 (that probably means today, by the time you read this). It is in protest against the support by Colin Powell for the “Jewish National Fund”, “a quasi-official organisation of the Israeli state” which acquires land in Israel and rents it to Jews only. It also uses “reclaimed” - read occupied - Palestinian land for illegal settlement. Colin Powell is to be a guest speaker at their fund-raising dinner.

Meeting point is outside the Park Lane Hotel, 22 Park Lane, London W1 (this is the big road on the east side of Hyde Park; all buildings are on the east side of Park Lane); time is 5:30pm sharp. Nearest tube station is Hyde Park Corner (Picadilly Line). Supported by the Islamic Human Rights Commission and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. This is to be a peaceful protest, and anyone who reads this is asked (by me) not to chant hostile slogans or do other things which might cast the community in a bad light.

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