Flurry of 419 scams

Has anyone else been receiving the same flurry of 419-type email scam invitations I have been receiving the past couple of weeks? Every day I receive a few of these emails inviting me to some dodgy business deal in a third-world country. The latest is from “CHIMANAKIRE MAXWELL”, claiming to be “the eldest son of Mr. Gift Chimanakire who was murdered in land dispute that was instituted by President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe”, claiming to be writing from South Africa. (As Mike at 419 Eater discovered, people who make such claims are generally lying - they are writing from their home country in west Africa.) I thought these types of scams had died down as the scammers realised that people were getting wise to them as they had received a fair amount of publicity. (However, Charles Arthur wrote in this week’s Technology Guardian that the content of spam was changing from the usual dodgy meds and indecent stuff to phishing and stock scams, but even so, I thought that 419 scams were, like, just so yesterday.)

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