Guess what? ID cards aren’t much use

From the BBC: the Lib Dem peer in charge of reviewing anti-terror laws has changed his mind on ID cards: he says they would not be much use in preventing terrorist attacks:

Liberal Democrat peer Lord Carlile said he had changed his mind on identity cards, which he had previously backed.

“I can’t think of many terrorist incidents, in fact I can think of very few… that ID cards would have brought to an earlier end,” he told GMTV.

And further down:

Lord Carlile also said he thought the Terror Bill, debated by the Lords this month, had been “rushed”.

“I don’t think there was a need to rush through the current terror legislation. I would have preferred it to go to a scrutiny committee.

“I think it’s led to certain issues being muddled by political debate rather than analysis.”

Read it all.

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