Giving it out, but …

The BBC reports that Isaac Hayes, the singer behind the 1971 hit Shaft, has quit the American TV show South Park, in which he “is the voice of the lustful Chef”, because it ridiculed his church … Scientology. Hayes has been in the show since it started in 1997, and according to co-author Matt Stone, Hayes didn’t mind being in it when it mocked other religions, but “got a sudden case of religious sensitivity when it was his religion featured on the show”.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Hayes leaves ‘bigoted’ South Park

Not that it surprises me - never mind attacking people who mock their religion, those of us who were on the net in the mid-1990s knew them for trying to stop people telling the so-called “trade secrets” of their sect, by throwing writs about. On one occasion, they closed down an anonymous remailer service in Finland which was widely used by abuse survivors because it was being used to post their “secret scriptures” to Usenet.

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