Melanie Phillips soundbite of the week (2)

In response to the civil union in the Netherlands involving a man and two women, Mad Mel wonders where all this liberalisation is leading us:

[Charles] Krauthammer, however, sees all these developments merely as the symptom rather than the cause of the breakdown of marriage. As he says, marriage has certainly imploded from within. Some causes: the culture of radical individualism, breakdown of religious and moral norms, consumerism, rise of therapy culture, sexual revolution, erosion of stigma attached to out of wedlock births, and so on. But I think this process is more complex than he suggests. Both causes and symptoms are inextricably fused so that they all reinforce each other. The more alternative lifestyles become ordained as mainstream, with dissidents treated as social pariahs if they try to uphold traditional moral norms, the more those moral norms are undermined.

So now anything goes – and our society is steadily going, as a result. Polyandry, polyamory, polygamy, polymorphism – can paedophilia, necrophilia and bestiality be far behind?

So polygamy between consenting adult men and women is like paedophilia and bestiality now, is it?

Melanie Phillips’s Diary: Polymorphous perversity

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