PhobeWatch: Free Speech march leader back-tracks

Martin Sullivan at Islamophobia Watch notes that the organiser of the upcoming “March for Free Expression” has backtracked on his earlier enthusiasm for his followers to bring placards bearing copies of the Danish cartoons - and has removed the adverts for T-shirts with anti-Islam slogans from the site also. It’s noted that some of his followers are a bit miffed:

“This is surely what the march is about. By restricting the free speech of the protestors you will play into the hands of Islamophobia Watch…” . “I’m hugely disappointed by this. You’ve done exactly what the censors want. I’m really not sure I’ll bother coming along now, to be honest, and I’m guessing plenty of other people who have supported this campaign feel the same. I donated money to this campaign in good faith, and right now this feels like a betrayal of that faith. Will you be reimbursing people?” … “I am incredibly disappointed by this – it is nothing but dhimmitude.” … “What a bunch of wimps. You have obviously caved in to the Islamic pressure groups and the Mayor of Londinistan. Another victory for Sharia law and another defeat for Liberty.”

Sullivan predicts an appearance for the organiser, Peter Ridson, on Dhimmi Watch. Personally, I’m wondering what made him change his mind. (Update 25th March: the appearance on Dhimmi Watch has happened.)

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