Sheikh Mazhar tries it on Galloway

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I’ve not normally got much time for George Galloway and his party nowadays, but my attention was drawn to this story about how Mazhar Mahmood, a journo with the salacious Sunday Murdoch rag the News of the World (AKA News of the Screws) tried to stitch up Galloway with a date at the Dorchester and some suggestive remarks:

The MP and Big Brother evictee had been invited out to a late night meal by two men apparently keen to help Mr Galloway’s party, Respect. The pair, introduced as Pervaiz Khan and Sam Fernando, described themselves as “Islamists” which, given that neither had a beard, also seemed peculiar.

An “Islamist” introducing himself as Sam Fernando?

Soon the conversation turned, according to Mr Galloway, to the issue of just how they could help - along the lines of “can we sponsor members of parliament? … fund political parties?” What could they mean? “I told them absolutely not, it’s completely illegal,” said Mr Galloway yesterday.

Then the men starting making remarks about Jewish people, said the MP, “and invited me to agree with them. For example, when I said the Daily Express was the worst pro-war, anti-Muslim paper in the land, they asked ‘because it’s owned by a Jew?’. ‘No,’ I said, ‘because it’s owned by a pro-war pornographer’.”

“Parveiz” turned out to be Mazhar Mahmood, who normally specialises in dressing up as an Arab sheikh (despite being of Pakistani origin and not speaking Arabic) and enticing celebrities to backbite people and spill secrets, which he reproduces in the News of the Screws. (Also see Umm Zaid’s Make a Fast Buck the Mozrab Way list of other ways to drag the Muslims’ name through the mud.) (More: here, here.)

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