Same old Nazis …

The Guardian today has a feature on the British National Party and its threat to appeal to working-class white voters disillusioned by Labour (and with their heads filled with exaggerated stories about asylum seekers). The paper interviews a sixty-year-old cleaning lady who is thinking of voting BNP because of “all the horrible aggro … all this stuff with asylum seekers”. They also interview Neil Albert Walker, a council candidate in Stoke on Trent, who starts off on the subject of opposition to a new mosque (traffic, of course) but before long moves onto more familiar territory:

Does he think Holocaust denial is worth worrying about?

“Well, there’s been more holocausts in the world than the Jewish Holocaust. I’m sure it was very wrong, what happened. But there’s been bigger holocausts in the world. And every time someone mentions the holocaust, they choose to just link it to the Jewish one.”

What does he think about mixed marriage? [Pause] “That’s a tricky one, John, isn’t it?” Well, I’d ask him it if he called. Because, as he knows, there are plenty of people from the BNP who think it’s a very bad thing indeed. Another pause. “Well, it is,” he says. “It waters down the gene pool. It’s as bad for them as it is for us. It’s not just about white and black people. If, like, a Somalian African were to marry an Asian Muslim, it’s the same. That’s what I think, anyway.”

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Paranoia, poverty and wild rumours - a journey through BNP country

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