Met Police thuggery alive and well

Anyone thought that malicious police harrassment of ethnic minority men died a death after the Brixton riots of the early 1980s? This report might make you think again: in the last three years, but particularly since the murder of PC Sharon Beshenivsky last year, police in south-east London have been harrassing young Somali men on the streets of Woolwich and Plumstead in south-east London. The demonstration referred to here concerns the suspicious fall of a young Somali man from a balcony:

But there are still tensions. At the demonstration, several young Somali men say they have been excessively stopped and searched by the police. “It’s got bad in the last three years,” says 18-year-old Anwar, “but in the last year, it’s got worse.” He and other Somali young men date it to the murder of Bradford police officer Sharon Beshenivsky in November - the first suspects to be arrested in her murder were six Somali men from Woolwich (they were later released.) Since then, says Ibrahim, 18, “they’re out for revenge.”

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