Anti-immigrant leader hires Polish builders

Anti-migrant party leader hires Poles - Sunday Times

Via Conservative Home, how Roger Knapman of the UK Independence Party, which campaigned against increased immigration in 2005, referring to the “Labour government’s untenable excuse … that we need large numbers of immigrant workers”, has hired Polish builders to work on his house in Coryton in Devon, paying them £50 per day, half the pay you would give a British builder. Knapman sourced the men through his son, who runs a company in Poland to bring Polish builders to the UK!

Apparently, they work much harder than anyone in the UK - “like an army of ants” - and Knapman told the undercover reporter that he could help arrange for teams of east Europeans to do building work through his son’s company.

What a hypocrite. I wonder how many people will take his party seriously now.

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