Ayaan Hirsi jumps before she’s pushed

Belfast Telegraph: MP may be deported over claims she lied to win asylum (also here)

A Dutch TV documentary has alleged that Ayaan Hirsi Ali told a number of lies in order to gain asylum in the Netherlands, including that she had fled from a violent arranged marriage; it has also claimed that she had not come from war-torn Somalia, as she had claimed, but had lived a comfortable middle-class life in Kenya for twelve years before moving to the Netherlands, and did not flee her marriage, but rather she and her husband parted amicably. (More here and here from the Dutch news source Expatica, which also reported one hour ago that Hirsi Ali is to move to the USA to work with the American Enterprise Institute, which “is seen as one of the most important advisors to the government of George Bush”, demonstrating as with the Joe Kaufman / Danya Shakfeh affair of two months ago that the US right are somewhat unscrupulous in who they indulge - given that it appears that AYH’s whole career is based on a bogus sob story, you would think they would be more circumspect about employing her. Also: A Few Euros More, Dr M’s Analysis; PhobeWatch has a few more links. Tags: , .)

Update 6:11pm: also from Expatica, the AEI is said to be a very conservative institution with a lot of religiously-minded people in it who are highly unlikely to approve of “Dutch” positions on euthanasia, homosexuality and abortion. Researcher Peter van Ham suggests that Ayaan Hirsi Ali will be out of place and “feel totally claustrophobic there”.

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