Guardian: Mubarak’s thugs’ abuse of women

From today’s Guardian, Simon Tisdall on how Hosni Mubarak’s thugs sexually molest female demonstrators both in police custody and in the street:

“They drove me to Sayyida Zeinab police station. I screamed and resisted and they beat me and pulled my hair and my veil,” Ms Askari said. “Right in front of the police station they kicked me. When people gathered and told them to stop they replied: ‘She’s been committing adultery.’” …

Ms Askari’s ordeal recalled a similar outrage in May last year when women protesters were assaulted and groped by plainclothes security men as police looked on. That incident was especially embarrassing for Mr Mubarak. Under US pressure, he had just promised a new era of democratic reform and announced Egypt’s first contested presidential election (which he later won by a landslide). He ordered an investigation. But no charges have been brought.

Also see this article regarding the recent imprisonment of a blogger in Egypt; as Sue Adam points out, the campaign is about the whole human rights situation in Egypt, not just that of the “poster boy” in that campaign. She also has a link to pictures of the police’s behaviour at a recent demo.

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