New theme

As I hope you can all see, I’ve just installed a new theme for the blog as I was getting bored with the old one … so here it is. I found it on the Movable Type Style Contest site, on which the people behind Movable Type try frantically to narrow the gap between MT and WordPress in terms of the variety of themes available.

The original of this theme was very primary-colour heavy with a yellow background and a picture of a red bus or tram car in a place I don’t know, so I adapted the Almost Spring colour scheme to the structure and substituted a New Malden street photo, with a red bus (and it had to be one showing New Malden as the destination) going up the High Street from the Fountain (which is in the roundabout behind it) towards the station. I hope the original author doesn’t mind. (No, I’m not releasing the CSS - I don’t want anyone to have an identical blog theme to mine.)

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