Yellow star lie debunked

In case anyone came in having recently read Melanie Phillips’ diary where the writer has still not bothered to delete or amend her most recent entry which repeats a false report from the Canadian National Post about the Iranian government forcing Jews to wear yellow stars, corrections have been appearing all over the blogosphere from Harry’s Place to Lenin’s Tomb (whose author posted various news links and a few scans and screenshots; unlike Melanie Phillips, the NP has pulled the story). Even Robert Spencer has got around to acknowledging that there is doubt about the story. (More: Adloyada, TwennyTwo.)

The story seems to trace back to Amir Taheri, about whom “Lenin” has a bit of background, but you might also like to see my earlier post about his fatuous allegations regarding women’s hijabs and what black and white hijabs respectively symbolise. Such accusations could only have been motivated by malice, and newspapers which reproduce them should be assumed to be at best negligent and at worst malicious themselves.

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  • Bikhair


    Remember that song, Rumors? You know what his suggestion was, that people who spread them shot be shot. Lol….. Back in the day.

  • Bikhair: no, I don’t remember that song - remind me.

  • Shamil

    Yusuf Melanie Phillips is a professional deceiver. Telling the truth for her is an exception to the rule.

    At least Taheri has revealed now in explicit terms how full of crap he is. Although to the informed this has been apparent for some time.

  • Bikhair


    The group is called Club Noveau and the song was called Rumors and if you were being rhetorical, I am officially mad at you.

    “Look at all these rumors, surrouding me everday. I just need some time, some time to get away. From all these rumors, cant take it no more…”

  • When you’re in a hole, stop digging

    I thought the story of the supposed Iranian dress code for Jews and Christians would die the death, given the evidence that it was untrue. But it seems the story is too good to give up on, either for some

  • What next? Claiming that countries are throwing babies out of incubators and possess weapons of mass destruction? Oh.

  • Godefroi de Boulogne

    There was a (much-exaggerated) kernel of truth behind the story. One ultraconsevative Iranian MP did intraoduce a bill resurrecting the old Abassid requirement that Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians wear stripes of an identifying color on their clothing. The bill went nowhere- I don’t believe it ever reached the floor. The far-right blogs of course took the ball and ran with it, w/o checking their facts