2001 riots “fuelled by racist propaganda”

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Report says riots product of racist propaganda

The Burnley race riots of 2001 were fuelled by racists exploiting the perceived imbalances in council spending on different communities, according to a report published today.

The strongly-worded document, Burnley - the Real Story, admits “there is a serious problem of racism in Burnley”.

It cites segregated schooling, unemployment and poor civic pride among the underlying causes of division in the Lancashire town.

The “segregated” schools in question being bad secular state schools which just happened to be in racially divided catchment areas, not well-funded faith schools, but doubtless this will be lost on the “mix all the kids up together and let them not hear of religion” brigade …

A controversial “positive regeneration” scheme, that involved spending government funds on an area with a large Asian population, “ironically contributed to social fragmentation by increasing neighbourhood rivalries,” the report says.

“Racists latched on to and encouraged the resentment” about the decision, it adds.

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