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Pickled Politics: Deport BNP council tax cheats!

Pickled Politics reproduces a report from last week by Andrew Gilligan from the Evening Standard on the latest scandal involving the British National Party’s notoriously incompetent, criminal councillors:

Three of the BNP’s new councillors in Barking and Dagenham have been taken to court for owing thousands of pounds in rent and council tax.

The local authority has secured county court judgements against two, a third is being threatened with bailiffs, and a fourth is involved in a council probe into a potential £10,000 housing benefit fraud.

The disclosures will be hugely embarassing to the racist party, which has claimed ethnic minorities are being given a “free ride” by “suffering council-tax payers”.

So, who’s taking who for a ride, then? How many more times will voters let themselves be deceived by this wretched gang of liars and delinquents?

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