Asim Siddiqui on Muna Fuzai

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Asim Siddiqui (chairman of the City Circle) presents the ideas of Muna al-Fuzai, a Kuwaiti businesswoman and journalist “who is on a mission to not only project a better image of Islam and Muslims globally but also - and this bit’s important - to promote a balanced and more refined (many would say more classical) interpretation of Islam that espouses science, culture, art and knowledge and counters the extremist narrative so freely available from hate preachers and over the internet”:

Mrs al-Fuzai is emerging as a popular figure among the young and the women of Kuwait with her writings in the Kuwait Times highlighting how women are abused, migrant workers mistreated and the weak generally exploited in Kuwaiti society. She also highlights the need for greater democracy in Kuwait and across the Middle East.

What makes Muna so interesting is that she also enjoys the ear of the emirate’s rulers, which means that not only can she be neither deported nor silenced but she also has the clout to carry out changes. Her fire is directed not at the government (understandably) but on the social norms and customs of the patriarchal societies that dominate the landscape.

I did a Google search for Ms Fuzai’s writings, and I found a piece here at the Kuwait Times about child abuse, this one from Kuwait News (via “The Sisterhood”) about transsexuals and this one about tricks Arabic speakers in Kuwait play on foreigners.

Also, City Circle has a debate this Friday evening in London (6:45-8:30pm, 45 Crawford Place, London W1 - off Edgware Road) on the topic of whether “Islam is incompatble with liberalism”, involving Alice Kneen (of Magdalen College, Cambridge, proposing) and Dr Richard Stone (Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia, opposing). No doubt there will be a fair number of bigots attending, so lets have lots of our folks to make up the numbers!

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