PhobeWatch: UCL debate, Whitaker on Manji, reply to Mad Mel

A few interesting entries at Islamophobia Watch which I’ll deal with in one entry, insha Allah:

(1) There’s a panel debate this Wednesday at University College London, including Dr Hisham Hellyer, Tariq Ramadan, Dr Abdul Wahid of HT, and three others. The topic is “The Future of Europe in Islam” (a provocative title, to be sure - are they sure they don’t mean the Future of Islam in Europe?). The debate will be held in the Chemistry Auditorium in the Christopher Ingold Building (20 Gordon St, London WC1). Tickets can be booked here; proceeds to the Muslim Youth Helpline.

(2) Brian Whitaker posted an article about Ayaan Hirsi and Irshad Manji entitled False Prophets at Comment is Free today. He also recommends this article by Laila Lalami in The Nation.

(3) Chris Doyle of the Council for Arab-British Understanding had this article published in the Observer yesterday. Also, she has an op-ed in the New York Murdoch Post today, referring to an “attempt to get the Muslim community to tackle its extremism”, as if we had the security forces necessary to root out these people …

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