Mad Mel’s audience

Just checking for reviews of Melanie Phillips’ new book, and came across this, on Amazon … the details of what people who bought Londonistan also bought. Bawer, Fallaci, Robert Spencer, Andrew Bostom, Bat Eeyore … not really the stuff of rational discussion about protecting western national identities, is it?

On the subject of Mel, did anyone see the interview she did on the Heaven and Earth show on BBC1 yesterday morning? The show was presented by Gloria Hunniford and the other guest was Haleh Afshar of York University. Prof. Afshar. Phillips went on, and on, and on! The comments that stuck out were those about the vast majority of Muslims not being extremists (not the impression you’d get reading her blog), and those about how Britain is somehow losing its national identity, an utter joke coming from Phillips, whose primary concern, judging by her published output, is that the media watch what it says about a colony of ex-Westerners in the Middle East.

And as someone who has lived in Wales, I can safely say that the people there certainly haven’t lost their identity, and it’s no secret that the Scots haven’t either. What we don’t have is a shared collection of national myths about how our nation came to exist, and with good reason, because such myths are usually historical distortions and falsehoods (and in some of these countries there are laws threatening jail to anyone who says the myths are not true, that the old order was preferable, or that the founder is not what the myths make him out to be). Actually, we used to have such a myth: it was called the Protestant Constitution, and it manifested itself mostly in hostility to Catholics, up to and including murderous riots.

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