Mel with Anita Anand on her supporters

A snippet from Anita Anand’s conversation with Melanie Phillips (hat tip: Saracen; you can listen to it here until next Monday; it’s 1hr 45mins in.

Anita: This is another text that’s come in just while you were speaking: “when this great Judeo-Christian nation is finally and irredeemably immersed in Islam, I hope Melanie will have made her move and got out. She’s one of the few journalists left in Britain with her eye on the ball; her views may not be fashionable or BBC politically correct; she speaks though for the largely forgotten indigenous population”. I mean, when you hear approbation like that, does that fill your heart or make you think your words are being used by the far right?

Mel: It’s interesting that you think the indigenous population is the far right … you elided the two whether unconsciously or not. The fact is, I have been deluged with support for this book, both in America as it happens and in Britain, it was published in America last month; I’ve been deluged with support by extremely decent people and a large number of them are black and brown Britons who say as immigrants that they understand exactly what I mean when I say this country no longer does integration, that it no longer has pride in itself.

She goes on to say that there are lots of ordinary decent people who are baffled by all this and by the moral inversion, by which victims become aggressors and vice versa, and one of her main targets in her book is the alliance the left has made with “radical Islam”, and “it is an irony that radical Islam does not support some of the pet causes of the left”.

Note that Mel assumes that the supportive views coming in from “members of the public” are indeed those of ordinary people rightly angry at society bending over backwards for Muslims, and not from Jewish bigots or from the far right themselves, for whom phone-ins present an ideal opportunity to spout their views without giving away their affiliations, or indeed from ignorant people whose knowledge of these issues extends to the exaggerations they read in papers like the Express about bans on piggy banks and Christmas?

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