Most Turks oppose hijab ban

IslamOnline reports that a recent poll in Turkey reveals that most people oppose the country’s ban on hijab in the civil service and universities (see also this report from the Washington Post, thanks UZ). The poll also suggested that the majority are satisfied with the performance of the present (“Islamic”) government.

Staggeringly 40% of those polled said they would prefer a military government, which begs the question of who exactly was polled - military governments (particularly in pro-Western countries like Turkey) rarely put the interests of poor people first, preferring the interests of their foreign paymasters and the empty ideologies they foster (Kemalism, the “National Security Doctrine” beloved of military dictraitors in Latin America). I wonder how far they travelled into the Kurdish south-east and how many farmers they polled?

Also see this piece from this Monday’s Guardian on Turkey, which reveals how among other things a politician is being threatened with jail for allegedly chewing gum while laying a wreath at a statue of the reprobate “Ataturk”, and how the nationalist secularists bizarrely want to keep Turkey out of the European Union:

General elections are due by the end of next year and a new head of state, chosen by parliament, is to be elected a year from now. The presidential election, in particular, is hugely divisive and said to be the main reason for the turbulence. Mr Erdogan enjoys a huge majority, almost two-thirds, in the 550-seat parliament.

The presidency is his for the taking, should he so choose. It is also a secularist bastion and its defenders are determined it remain so.

“All these troubles, it is all about the presidency,” Mr Ozel said. “The presidency is the last castle that could fall from the established elite to the AKP.”

An AKP baron and parliamentary speaker, Bulent Arinc, is calling for Turkey’s constitutionally enshrined secularism to be redefined. Mr Erdogan’s establishment opponents are appalled. They also suspect the prime minister’s pro-Europe reforms are double-edged, that he is using Europe to undermine the traditional pillars of the Turkish state, for example the military, while stealthily leading Turkey on a long trek to being an Islamic state.

Mr Erdogan has been backing down in the face of the warnings, while also increasingly resorting to conservative religious populism to shore up his power base.

Has nobody told these numbskulls that modern states have militaries which are subservient to the elected civilian government, and do not presume to dictate to it? And what is the point of “modernising” an Islamic country by changing the alphabet to a European one and banning Islamic dress in favour of European dress if you do not intend to join Europe? The EU is generally known for freedom and the rule of law; the Ottoman Empire was a time of Islamic rule during which Turkey was a superpower. These scoundrels care only about power: under their rule Turkey has been reduced to an oppressed second-rate nation with a joke currency knocking on the door of Europe. Europe might not open its doors to an Islamic state, but it will no more open its doors to a country with a treacherous military spouting an ideology which was defeated in the west decades ago.

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