The rise of the male handbag

The Guardian: Patrick Barkham on the rise of the man bag

This is what they were talking about on the Vanessa Feltz show yesterday: the phenomenon of some men carrying what amount to handbags (that’s purses to you Americans), something the tennis player Andy Roddick deemed effeminate on his blog. The print version of this article actually has some pictures of them, and they mostly don’t really look like handbags at all. They are kind of large satchels.

Actually, I would never have considered carrying one of these, because I have a rucksack, but something which this article doesn’t mention is that rucksacks are increasingly deemed a security risk. This has happened to me in two places since last summer - one of them a theatre on the South Bank, the other being the British Museum reading room, which suggested that I leave my bag in the cloakroom instead, and pay for the “privilege” of course. (I didn’t - I went and did my business in a Westminster public library, which did admit me with my rucksack.) And investing in one might require me to keep down the amount of unncessary stuff I put in there (at least one newspaper, at least one book, at least one magazine, some food and various other bits and bobs).

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  • A local

    May I ask, how old are you?

    1. Why?
  • A Local

    I was in Kingston yesterday, PC world to be exact. I was looking for the phone number for the damn place, but all their websites show the phone number that directs you to the Dixon’s HQ. Anyway, I took time out to look through your site, rather interesting, I must say. And I’m on a course at the moment in Software Development (I’m a young one, still in college, university in 1 years’ time)… just wondered how old you were. You English is good, and you have other interests besides ‘Windows’ & ‘Microsoft’… again, quite interesting.

  • I’m a big fan of the man purse. I always have a satchel with me. I all but shower with it.

    There’s a reason women have bags—They’re practical! When you’re suddenly afflicted by a terrible runny nose on packed train, where do you turn for an emergeny tissue? An aspirin for a splitting headache?

    The nearest woman with a nice big handbag. You don’t even waste your time looking at the men.

    Men need purses, too!

  • this is a typically POM, nancy-boy metro-sexual/Islington thing, one would not be caught dead in Australia with a man bag.

    we use face creams though

  • I think Beckham left the game today because he forgot something in his “man bag”.