Zahid died in jailers’ game

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The report on the murder of Zahid Mubarek, the Asian youth jailed for “going equipped” and murdered in his cell in Feltham young offenders’ institution in March 2000, has just been issued, and a press conference can be seen at that page (see this earlier post). It was alleged on Channel 4 News that evidence existed that the staff at the institution had a game called “Gladiators”, which involved putting unsuitable inmates in the same cell so the staff could see the fireworks. This should not surprise anyone, since prison staff in certain institutions are notorious for deliberately winding up inmates to get them to react, in order to punish them for fun ([1], [2]).

The question is now: which scoundrel will have his head roll over this disgraceful incident? Someone at that jail is either a dumb ass or did this deliberately for fun. They should face criminal charges.

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