Liddle attacks Alton Muslim day

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Rod Liddle has dedicated his “Liddle Britain” column this week in the Spectator (free registration required, but paywalled after a week) to slagging off the upcoming “Muslim day” at Alton Towers, the leisure park in the English Midlands, organised by Islamic Leisure. Liddle obviously thinks the reason this event is taking place is because Muslims don’t like rubbing shoulders with non-Muslims:

But we may have read Alton Towers wrongly; there may be mischief at work, which is why I invoked the name of Dajjal above. Because apart from setting aside a day in September for Muslims who don?t wish to mix with the filthy Kufr hordes, they have also set aside a day in September for homosexuals. Poofs ? to use the politically incorrect nomenclature ? who don?t like sharing their big dippers with heterosexuals will be allowed a whole day to themselves. And ? here?s the thing ? they haven?t yet decided which day will be allocated to the gays. What if it, too, is 17 September? A joyous, inclusive, joint event ? Buggery?n? Burkas. The muezzin wail on the PA system interrupted every so often by a quick medley from Cabaret or the Weather Girls. An area, near the waltzers, set aside for stoning the sodomites. Prayer mats and prophylactics. Amyl nitrate and Abu Hamza. Everywhere you look ? a handlebar moustache or a bushy beard, a leather basque or a chador.

The fact of the matter (as I found out by phoning the number on IL’s Opening Times & Pricing page) is that the event is not restricted to Muslims only - or at least, if I wanted to bring any non-Muslim family or friends along, I’m more than welcome as brother Yaseen assured me. So it’s really nothing to do with “dirty kuffar”, or “kufrs” as Liddle insists on saying, at all. It’s more likely to be about ensuring that Muslims, especially women, can have a fun family day out without having their boundaries infringed unintentionally, for example by being given a ride car to sit in with a totally strange man.

I suspect some may think this contrary to some goal of integration, but at the end of the day Alton Towers is a privately-owned resort, not a public space at all, and the owners (Tussauds) are perfectly within their rights to allow Muslims, or whoever else wants to, to book it if the money is right. If someone else is inconvienienced or for some other reason doesn’t like it, tough - it’s not their park!

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