Upcoming RMW event and anti-RMW programme

Radical Middle Way Event: Shaikh Walead Mohammed, an American graduate of al-Azhar (who has also studied in Damascus) is to give a talk this Tuesday in London and next Sunday in Oxford on the topic “What good is the Shariah in the West?”. The talk is to focus on the maqaasid (goals and objectives) of the Shari’ah, and how they can be applicable to us in the west; it is also, insha Allah, to discuss whether we need Shari’ah courts and how the Shari’ah will meet the challenges of the 21st century, such as climate change, minority issues, medical ethics and finance.

The first talk is this Tuesday (11th July) at the Froud Centre (Romford Road, Manor Park, London E12 5JF) from 7pm to 9pm; the second is next Sunday (16th July) at Oxford Central Mosque (Manzil Way, Oxford OX4 1DJ) from 3pm to 5pm. Contacts are 07092 032 136 or email info@islamiccircles.com for London and 07709 178117 for Oxford. Admission to both is free and all are welcome.

Also, next Friday a documentary about the RMW and other aspects of the British reaction to the London bombings will air this coming Friday (14th July) at 7:30pm on Channel 4. Who Speaks for Muslims is by Martin Bright, who has written a series of articles for the New Statesman on the subject, basically alleging (as you can read here from the current edition) that the roadshow was planned in advance and did not come out of a post-bombing consultation which reported on 22nd September 2005, an accusation the Foreign Office denies. Nick Cohen promotes the documentary in today’s Observer and Bright has also produced a pamphlet for the Policy Exchange on the same topic, which is to be published this Wednesday. (More: Osama Saeed.)

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