Al-Ghurabaa and “Saved Sect” banned

The BBC reports that the Government has banned al-Ghurabaa and the “Saved Sect” (along with the Baluchistan Liberation Army and a number of Kurdish groups, including PKK fronts). It has not, however, banned Hizbut-Tahreer, despite Tony Blair announcing in his “rules have changed” speech last year that he would, although the situation is still “under review”.

I’m not sure that banning the two ex-Muhajiroun groups will have much effect on their activities, because both are probably unregistered organisations based around loose social networks and perhaps email lists. No doubt they will both disband, continuing their activities as individuals, although their well-known provocative rallies and other sick PR stunts are likely to be more muted due to “anti-glorification” laws.

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  • Old Pickler

    I think you’re right - they will disband and re-group more informally.

    I wasn’t in favour of banning Hizb ut Tahrir, not, of course, because I agree with them, but because it will drive them underground. I like to know what these people are up to. In theory they are non-violent, but I don’t trust them.

  • George Carty

    I think the reason why the government was worried about Hizb ut-Tahrir was because they could act as a gateway to Islamist extremist terrorism, just as in the USA the John Birch Society was a gateway to violent right-wing extremism.

  • raashid

    You’re being far too accomodating of the official line if you beleive the so-called conveyor-belt argument about Hizb utTahrir. A more likely reason for wanting to be rid of them is that they’ve quite successfully pushed the idea of the recreation of the Caliphate in the Muslim world, at the expense of the secular nation state model that Western governments consider to be the only legitimate form of state authority to exist. As yet they’ve provided no proof at all that Hizb cause the intial mindset for people to go on to become terrorists, relying soley on the fact that one of the failed would-be suicide bombers who went to Israel had a few Hizb leaflets at his house, something Muslims all over the country probably have considering leafleting is one of the main activities of the group.